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Dear Rick,

thanks for doing all these daily writeups on your festival - even
though sadly I can't be there, you certainly give those of us who are
forced to miss the event some inspiration just how crazy this is what
you're all doing.

I guess you'll love the digital board - as soon as you accept that
clipping the inputs is not only bad but REALLY REALLY bad with a
digital board. I had in the past worked very successfully with a
digital board for live applications; having a full-fledged channel
strip for each and every channel helps a lot imo.

I'm really looking forward to any possible video streams for the rest
of the event (I believe Bob Armstad mentioned that he will be
attending the event starting on Saturday) - and I sure hope you're at
least doing recordings of all the stuff you do.

With all the best wishes, and give my regards to all those great
people at the festival I had the pleasure to meet/work with in the
past...in no specific order Krispen, Per, Nemoguitt, Matt, Daryl, Jim,
Ryussei, Bill, Chris,...heck, just give my best wishes to everyone!