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R: He's Not There

Hi Keith, it's a sad news for me! i were counting to carry one with me in 
So no matter, i'll order it. bye!

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>Ogg: He&#39;s Not There
>Everyone asked to have their SoftSteps mailed to them as they did not 
>carry more things back home, so I will not be coming down.
> Keith McMillen 
>"Music For A New Reason"
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>Subject: Y2K-X  Day Two:  SANTA CRUZ
>Well,  was the heaviest day of the festival for me because there
>were performances in 3 different cities.
>I was planning to deliver the sound system to the young woman
>who had agreed to produce the gig at the Namaste Tea House
>and then continue to organize the myriad list of I have to accomplish
>for the opening of the main venue later tonight (It's 3:43 as I write).
>I could get no answers to my phone calls and got to the venue to
>find that the woman was a complete no-show......
>...........suddenly ,  I had to load in the system, be the sound guy, the
>MC (and even play a little as one of the artists just didn't show).
>The show went great:   Soren Wagner did a beautiful newbie set;
>David Berkmann did a fascinating set with a Gravichord (an elecronic
>Kora, or 21 String African harp---also a first for the festival),  Chris 
>did a relaxing ambient set,  Ambassador of Trouts did a really interesting
>set using (amongst other instruments) a bass clarinet............one of 
>instruments in the world and then Laurie Amat, the wonderful experimental
>vocalist did a 'newbie' set that was really fascinating.    Because of 
>cancellations in the festival,  I set up some of my gear and joined Laurie
>for a trio improvisationally with Adrian Gormley (Ambassador of Trouts).
>I've never played with these two musicians before but it was really 
>and a nice way to end a very stressful situation for me.
>Then everyone in the audience pitched in and loaded out the PA so that I 
>get over to the main venue in time to help load in the sophisticated sound
>and lighting system that we'll use for the next three days.
>The board is a digital board and fellow looper Daniel Thomas' son Trevor 
>played percussion with him in last years festival) brought in the system 
>it up.
>Daniel came down (amazing because he leave tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. for 
>where he will
>do a tour with traditional Irish musicians and Bob Brozman (who we've 
>played with in the past)
>and taught Maha (my trusty and amazing assistant for the festival) and I 
>use the digital
>Tim Thompson and David Tristram came in with us and set up the 
>lighting/video system that they'll be using to improvise with the 
>David even brought an enoromous latter; crawled to the top of the venue 
>tarps over the skylights so we can have amazing visuals in the middle of 
>I finished and got home by 2:45.  I started working at 2:00 this 
>afternoon so 
>was a long,
>long, long, long day.  I"m so thankful tthat I can sleep in today and be 
>to start it all off at 6:00 tonight.
>Oh...................and we got the cover to the 
>Linda Koffman wrote a really long article on the history of the festival 
>some very nice things about it (and about me).
>Awesome............................onto day 3.
>Rick Walker
>ps   Any one want to write in about yesterdays gigs in San Jose and San 
>I was sad to have to miss them.