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"Akustik Kies" - warmup session for the final day of the Y2KXLoopfest

Ok, so I decided on the following:

Just before the last day of Rick's fantastic festival starts today, I'm 
playing a kinda-warmup session via ustream. So just before the event 
starts (and hopefully gets transmitted on video on 
http://www.ustream.tv/channel/y2kxloopfest), tune in for some acoustic 
piano, perhaps some melodica, delays and filters and other effects - and 
of course loops (Möbius, in case you wonder).

Link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/The-MoinSound-Studio-Sessions
Time/Date Link: 
(it's 11:00 US West, 15:00 US East, 20:00 GB, 21:00 Western Europe)

Of course, festival guests are also invited to watch - and the festival 
stuff is even invited to play it back via the pa and the video projector 
during setup ;).

Already looking forward to today's portion of the festival!



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