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Re: monome users?

The monome hardware itself doesn't do MIDI - software on your 
computer connects to the monome and turns monome events into MIDI 
events.  If the monome is responding to button presses and the LEDs 
light up in response to the presses, then the hardware is working.

I don't have a full monome - I used the kit to build a controller and 
I use my own software with it, so can't be completely helpful.  What 
software are you using (and what OS)?

At 2010/10/19 10:47 AM, legion@helpwantedproductions.com wrote:

>I was hoping to touch base with a friendl;y monome user  to help me
>determine if the unit I have is working right. I have looked at the forums
>and run the various tests and drills posted on the site but am still a bit
>confused on how to get $%#@in MIDI out of this thing.
>The tests running the runtime let me press buttons and light up the grid
>but I'll be damned if I can get ANY of that to translate to playing a note
>either via software only or via midi (god forbid).
>I mam trying toi start small with this but at this point I'm concerned if
>there might be something wrong and the window to return it is closing
>Any help greatly appreciated.