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Re: Convolution: How much CPU needed?

Convolution is a very simple operation and requires little computer 
power.  Dynamic convolution is a bit more intense...

>I want to add a very small computer to my rig for doing three things:
>. convolution
>. stereo 31 band 1/3rd octave EQ
>. stereo looper / phrase sampler
>An issue will likely be how to run such plugins without having to 
>use a whole grand theft auto DAW package.
>Maybe one of the packages for live/stage use that comes with some of 
>the DAW's, like MainStage or Ableton Live (IIRC)..
>I basically need 'something' capable of loading VST plugins, perform 
>things like routing, controlling levels and mixing signals..
>The EQ won't be MIDI'ed; it's meant for finetuning to the venue, 
>i.e. at home loud, at hole bedroom level, for headphone, a studio.. 
>with presets named for each venue.  I'm not sure how much CPU the EQ 
>will require..
>A software looper / phrase sampler shouldn't require too much CPU power.
>Which leaves by far the worst CPU hog: Convolution, but how much ?
>I'll prefer either an Intel CoreDuo ultra-low voltage 1.2 or 1.4 Ghz 
>or a Core i3, as both of those runs very lean => low heat 
>van Sinn