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Y2KX Thankfulness & Uccello Project News/Shows/Nat Grant collab announcement

Hello loopers! Steve Uccello here saying hi, thanks and posting some news 
about my project. I had such a great time listening, playing and hanging 
out at Y2KX!  It was so fun meeting some of you for the first time in 
person.  It's a pretty special gathering of people and I'm honored to be a 
part of it. The appreciation and openness makes for a really comfortable 
performing environment-A *huge* thanks to Rick and the rest of the crew 
for all the hard work!! 

Various highlights I'm all stoked about:

I am very exited to be playing a show with the inimitable Bill Walker this 
Friday night in Seaside, CA, here's a link to the facebook event page if 
any can make it out:


Lastly, I'd like to announce to the list that Australian 
percussionist/composer, Nat Grant and I have a new virtual duo called 
'sung' and a new CD out: 'Melbourne, Monterey' -Here's a link to our 
bandcamp profile, there you can stream the whole record free, purchase a 
high quality download, or contact us to get a physical copy of the CD.


If any are curious to here a little background on the collaboration, check 
out this wonderful podcast I did just last night w/ bass phenom/producer 
Jeff Schmidt: 


Thanks to all for your time, I hope to be able meet more of you someday, 
and also hope you're all doing well-Steve Uccello

p.s. Here's a vid from my set at the fest:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAUhx4PMreA Y2KX vid-Atalanta Fugiens