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Y2KX, Wow what a Ride

I've sent a few individual thank you's and a lot of FB chatter re the recent Y2KX fest but did not to be remiss re the list.  Echoing Mark, realty and return to New York for me has set in but the memories and particularly with beginning to look thru all stills and video I shot as well as watch those posted by each of you, wow as I subjected, what a ride, what a wonderful ride.

I live in two primary virtual worlds these days, Loopers-Delight and ImprovFriday.  The thing that rings true with each and was so brought home by the last few days, is the sense of community that exude from these worlds.  As I get older and the years rapidly eat their tails that sense of community and how Rick spoke about it several times during the weekend is so what its become for me personally and in a sense, I would say that's what music has become more and more about as the illusive 'carrot' fades.

It was so good to reconnect with those of you I've had the pleasure to meet at previous fests, to meet in person those that I've come to know
only by the wire and got to officially meet this weekend, wow and those of you who I never knew but had the added bonus of meeting over the weekend.  All this was brought home on Monday at the Loopers brunch which I've never until this trip had the time to go to and I'm so glad I was able to.  Monday was so rich and Fabio's video speaks volumes about it.

I was really excited to bring Daryl and my Chinapainting experience once again live to Loopfest.  We hadn't played together since last February and had not seen or spoken to one another in several weeks due to Daryl's busy touring schedule this year so I was jazzed to share the stage again and reconnect with my friend from this list that started it all for me in the fall of 2006 when as a fluke I stumbled upon Loopers-Delight.

To continue that and as many have echo'd the performances by all of you there were so inspired to me, so original, so blowing me away creatively and just so moving.  The energy of the two constant stages moving along one in setup performance and the other live was exhilarating beyond words, just everyone of them.  I dug this year so so much and came away with much inspiration and new ideas.  My knowledge of looping is still young, naive and evolving re the technical as I work through what works re the electronics with my organic world which after this year's experiment I'm leaning towards staying pedals.  The cool thing about this year as I think Kevin pointed out was how minimal the technical issues were, everyone's rig for the most part seemed to have no voodoo or gremlins.

Though Addam stated in his set on Sunday about Rick, you're not retiring this time it's going to be Y2KXXXXX or something of such, despite that desire that I'm sure all of us hold I can understand the angst of while getting something of the magnitude of Loopfest to this stage at the sacrifice of your own muse.  I've been there somewhat twice and it's really hard as in one sense I think one thinks that out of doing good for all good things will come but at the same time your own projects lay dormant.  This said though there is an energy among us that I don't think will let the idea of a festival experience bringing us all together, die at the temporary loss of experience and direction.  I'm at a stage that I want to do something but not sure what that can be, for now it's to keep the idea out there.  I plan to do something on a smaller scale and probably the idea of a series of Y2K kind of evenings with a few artists together here in NY.  Several of us northeasters have talked about this for some time and it just kind of sits there.  Michael Klobachar has made a couple of suggestions that could stem from Pittsburgh. Doing something of the magnitude of Y2K in NY I don't think is as doable as in a place like it's been, due to space and expense.  I was part of two New York Fretless Guitar festivals that were orchestrated by a guy not in the area.  One in 2005 was held in the Tap Bar of the Knitting Factory and did okay at least from the stand point that it was allowed to run it's 3 day course.  The next time it was held in 2009 it was not as successful and sadly was booted out of it's venue of Crash Mansion after the opening night.  I walked around with it's several of the European artists that had come over for the event on their own dime, on the lower east side seeking a venue for the 2nd night along with it's leader.  Fortunately a home was found for that evening at the Delancy.  I don't mean to be a naysayer but it seems that for this event to work it's present home might be best and possibly it could be managed from beyond.  I for one want to help and I know the young man Eric/Mogli seems to have some new energy.  The other possibility is in Europe which in fairness to those who have come to the States from so far maybe it is 'our turn'.  All food for thought right now.

I know I've gone on but the energy remains.  It was such a blast, thank you for Rick, Bill, their supportive wives, thanks to all of you for what you brought of yourselves and music to Loopfest.  This one really haunts me and for that I'm thankful.

Incidentally I've posted a bunch of pix on Facebook, for those not on FB if you'd like to see I'll put them elsewhere just advise.  As echo'd I shot a pile of video and will be producing several video pieces over the next few weeks as I can sort of personal documentaries.  Whoever wants there footage I will get that to.

As they say, 'Loop on...'


PS Extra special thanks to George Wiltshire and Mark Hamburg for excellent still image documentation for Tim Thompson and his colleague who I don't recall the name, for their excellent video creativity.

>From Brooklyn To Glindran, a new World/Free Jazz recording by Jim
Goodin & Peter Thörn.  Proceeds
from the sale of this CD will benefit JDRF International.


From Brooklyn To Glindran, a new World/Free Jazz recording by Jim Goodin & Peter Thörn.  Proceeds
from the sale of this CD will benefit JDRF International.  jimgoodinpeterthorn.bandcamp.com.