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Re: thread of jokes - Re: Swollen Pickle [was: My Y2KX recording]

Thanks Per,  I would imagine it would be good on the stick... does 
yours have passive or active pickups?

>On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 5:37 PM, Charles Zwicky 
><cazwicky@earthlink.net> wrote:
>>  ooops... forgot the LINK:
>>  http://zvex.com/mammoth.html
>>  Nothing is as frightening as my Woolly Mammoth...  ;-)
>I watched the demo video and must say I really like this fuzzbox!!!!!
>Smiling when imagining music possible with two Woolly Mammoth's on the
>two Stick outputs ;-))
>Greetings from Sweden
>Per Boysen
>www.looproom.com internet music hub