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Re: Great speech video on "Sound"

Per this is quite much to absorb.  I just skimmed on my portable but
was caught by the topics on schzophenia and hearing loss from our ipod

Per and Massimo, guys it was so great to see and hear you at Y2KX,
such a moving event this year.  You both were so inventive in your

Best jim

On 10/23/10, Massimo Liverani <mas.liv@libero.it> wrote:
> Great Video Per! Thank you! i think that express in a few words many
> important
> things about SOUNDS.
> As you know i'm VERY DEEP in that.
> We could continue speaking about it for hours but is very difficoult to
> change
> the bad behaviour of the people about sounds and noise
> For example: this night i went to a concert here in Florence in the 
> of
> a square, many people were talking eachother, shouting, phoning...
> an so on...for listen to the pianist i went nearly under his piano!
> but maybe is a problem more of latin people than others.
> Thanx again Per.
> Massimo
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