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Re: Great speech video on "Sound"

Hello All,

I think whenever I hear such stuff as "Mozart is good" that we're getting into an area that isn't so cut & dry. Music esthetics can't be tossed in so casually to make a point about how art makes it's impression upon the subject experiencing it. " One man's painting is another man's wallpaper" is not only true but applies to all forms of art, including great art.  I'm also not sure exactly what the overall point was, although I must admit that a few minutes into his speal I simply turned the presentation off. Was the point that noise can kill or that  bad music can make us monsters? And I can certainly say that at no point did I ever think "wow" , my thoughts were more along the line of " so what is your point? " & then I turned it off.

BTW, this might also be a very good time for a discussion on the esthetics of music & since it's one of my areas of interest, I'll start with a simple question:

What is the definition of art?

My answer is: art is intent.

I haven't listened to a lot of TED talks but usually there is some wisdom or a synthesis of ideas presented that makes me go "wow".  This didn't do that.
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Yeah, I'm not so sure about the usual "Mozart is good and *** is bad" assertion. I've heard this time and time again from middle class academics.
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> I like the conclusions he draws,
> ...but does anyone else here think his reasoning is half nonsensical?
> curious
> andy

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