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Re: Great speech video on "Sound"

2010/10/26 Mark Showalter <folkstone57@operamail.com>
> > > Mark S. wrote:
> > But my original question was: what is art or a definition of what
> > is or constitutes art.
> I'd say: communication coherent to the artist's intention.
No clue what your definittion means.
Sorry, it's rather difficult for me discussing about that in my non native language, but I'll try again.
Let's start with this: art is a form of "communication" between the artist and the public, isn't it ?
It should be "coherent" to the artist intention means that the work must have an intent and that intent is well rapresented.
The first is an idea or a magician or so....catched by the artist and represented in his piece of art made in studio or even improvised when the artist must lives deeply the intention to explore and bring people into new territories while he's making art.
"Coherent" means that the artist must be able to builds new "bridges" to connect public with that idea or magician.
> IMHO, Art is "a value" shared between the artist and the public
> that just works on a different level of our brain and in a
> subjective way.

OK, but different level from what? Also, why only subjective? Can art not also be viewed objectively?
- "Dirrent level" respect our normal state of exploring, knowing, undestanding, liking or disliking things. IMHO, Art talks to each trough "channels" (if it does making sense for you) that are different from the usual ones and that could be different from person to person.
- Not "only subjective", but "mostly" subjective: we can feel the same piece of art 'cos we are connected to that piece of art trough the "same channel". Or you consider Art something that doesn't say nothing to me, just because that "channel" doesn't work for me.
Hope it makes sense.