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Re: Great speech video on "Sound"

Sometimes we just need to howl at the moon.

On Oct 27, 2010, at 7:20 AM, John Cecil Price wrote:

> Well...Having no story is indeed a huge story in and of itself...but  
> there is always a story present even when you think or want to  
> escape from being tied to one. You're inevitably creating or  
> deconstructing/sampling or reconstructing, re-writing &/or reacting  
> to one story or another.
> & I do think what is really a more interesting question here would  
> be just why do we human's even need to tell stories-make music/art,  
> etc., in the 1st place?
> Is it to teach, to inspire or imagine more than what there actually  
> is beyond all of us?
> Is it for amusement? Or is it because we find ourselves lonely and  
> need to know our feelings are not unique but common?
> Or is there a genetic trigger drawing us all to storytelling-songs,  
> etc?
> I just personally think I'm predisposed to the "compulsive musician  
> gene" that is compelling me toward seeing songs/stories and musical  
> performances as being my children and playing with other musicians  
> as co-parenting partners providing both pre & post natal care of our  
> children.
> & maybe I'm just vain too.