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Re: Great speech video on "Sound"

I try not to analyze it too much when in the midst, as it’s more a struggle adhering to what Les Paul referred to in that reprinted TapeOp interview, about not letting the technology control the process of creation.

Agree that technology is not the end of art but a means towards art. That includes technology at any level from samples & synths to paintbrushes & marble.

  When that happens I don’t necessarily know if it’s ‘creating’ per se, except in the reactions one is having to the technology.  That is still a kind of Art in the end, but more a bit of performance art than Art sometimes. 

I don't think that performance art is what you mean, since you're giving the term a negative connotation. Art controlled by technology could be, say, the disco era when it was all about having the right drum pattern & keyboard sound etc. , or the 80's technology bands like Human League that could only platy at one tempo because that's the only one they could get their drum machine to sound good at.

I seek transparency to the work, a more direct line between the urge to create and the product of that urge.

Interesting statement but I must admit I don't quite understand it. Could you give an example?
Well...Having no story is indeed a huge story in and of itself...but there is always a story present even when you think or want to escape from being tied to one. You're inevitably creating or deconstructing/sampling or reconstructing, re-writing &/or reacting to one story or another.
& I do think what is really a more interesting question here would be just why do we human's even need to tell stories-make music/art, etc., in the 1st place?
Is it to teach, to inspire or imagine more than what there actually is beyond all of us?
Is it for amusement? Or is it because we find ourselves lonely and need to know our feelings are not unique but common?
Or is there a genetic trigger drawing us all to storytelling-songs, etc?
I just personally think I'm predisposed to the "compulsive musician gene" that is compelling me toward seeing songs/stories and musical performances as being my children and playing with other musicians as co-parenting partners providing both pre & post natal care of our children.
& maybe I'm just vain too.
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