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Bidule Examples?


There are a few essential items in Bidule it would greatly help to see an 
example of so I can figure out how to hook it up correctly... 

Anyone have a Bidule setup with 1) a midi device that looks to another 
midi device for the sync timing, 2) a noise gate, 3) a switcher (audio or 
midi if they function the same, each if not.)

Uses:  1) sync: start a pattern in BFD, press record in EchoLoop/LoopV 
with quantize on and set to cycle, record begins on the 1 beat of the BFD 
             2) set up all my instruments into a mixer, each with a noise 
gate so I don't have to manually select instruments, only the instrument 
I'm playing passes through, if playing bass (for instance) guitar signal 
is silent. 
             3) many routing uses but mostly to select which midi plugin 
gets the signal from whatever midi input I select (otherwise all of 'em go 
at once... the idea here is to have all my sounds loaded and ready to roll 
and just switch and be able to use any one of several input devices at any 
time.) Down the road, another use would be to switch the "sync master" if 
that's even possible so I can start with BFD one time, Stylus RMX another, 
or ultimately even Echoloop if I want to start out with what I'm playing 
and then sync the drums to that (the reverse of the first one I mentioned, 
which is a good starting point for now.)

Examples (like a Bidule setup I can look at as a template) or any specific 
instructions very welcome. 

THANK YOU for your time!

----Christopher "why didn't I take up knitting instead" Darrow