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mark francombe wrote:
> Does anyone know what A L means on the EDP?


> Im actually not understanding why, but my second EDP is responding to 
> softstep button presses designed for EDP 1, even tho it is set to a 
> different MIDI channel.
> I press my softstep button 6 to enable RECORD on EDP1. No problems with 
> EDP1. On EDP 2 it goes into F.SP then after a beat ( a loop or a cycle 
> maybe) it displays A L.

A L   is displayed when the EDP is waiting to re-align to an
incoming sync.
There's a couple of direct midi buttons that do that, one
with mute, one without,
but the most common appearance of the function is when the user 
hits Mute followed by Multiply.

> I dont know what that is...

Looks like the Softstep is sending extra commands.

Stop jumping up and down on it.


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