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Re: Looping with a drummer

I've used the odd guitar loop with a band, but never synced.
Two methods that are nice.
1) a loop with no definite attacks ( as in old style 'God Save the Queen' 
frippertronics) which floats
   along with whatever rhythm is being played.
2) just catching short loops and varispeeding them as part of a solo, 
    or using a sustained single loop note varispeeded as a theremin type 

I have done fixed time loops with bass though, and the drummer just synced
to bass as usual, so I expect it *would* work with a rhythm guitar part.

Personally I wouldn't want to lay down a rhythm guitar part loop if I was 
in a power trio unless for a specific composition that needed it,
 or rather, as a bass player I'd prefer the guitarist not to
do it ;-)
(bass players love the freedom when the guitar allows it)


Michael Peters wrote:
> Maybe I'll find out on Nov 8th how Adrian Belew's drummer copes with the
> loops that come from Adrian. Does he have a click in an in-ear monitor, 
> something like that, or does he simply listen to the loops on the monitor
> box, and that is enough to keep him synced?
> What are your experiences of rhythmic guitar looping in a band - what is 
> best way to keep the drummer synced to the loop that you create? do you 
> a predefined click, something like a Ableton backing track - or do you 
> the loop timing by foot and leave it to the drummer to stay synced with 
> do you give him headphones or just point some speaker towards him?
> I have this fabulous bassist and drummer and we're just starting to 
> material. It is not sure if we will find a suitable keyboard player - we
> might stay a power trio for a while, and I'd like to find ways to enhance
> this situation by using loops. Not sure how though.
> -Michael