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Re: Looping with a drummer

oops, how quickly my mind wanders! Here is my post from the show:

Last night Adrian Belew Power Trio was in town, put on a great show in which he looped in all but one song. I was able to move to the front towards the end of the show, it looks like all he is using is a boomerang. He also has an FBC1010 but looked like all he did with that was use an expression pedal to adjust between the mix of two effects chains. Nice use of his timefactor delay for harmony lines (he also has a harmonizer he steps on frequently). His backing band is a drums/bass brother/sister team from Philadelphia who kicked butt, I only heard the drums get out of sync with the loop one time; didn't see any in-ear monitors but they did have the Bose L1 PA system setup on stage, besides using stage monitors and house PA. A very eclectic sound I have no idea how they keep everything in sync so well.

From: E Gross <slapbandjam@yahoo.com>
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Sent: Sun, October 31, 2010 6:06:28 PM
Subject: Re: Looping with a drummer

Hi Michael,

I went to see the Belew Trio when they played here last winter, and afterwards spoke with the drummer and asked that question. He has in ear monitors with a click track also a midi controller pad (or two) to his left. I am not sure how he uses that, he may be using it to switch the tempo of the loop to fit his tempo. I can say the end result seems seemless, everything was pretty synced for the performance.

It was an awesome show, they were having a lot of fun and Belew really plays some nice loops.


From: Michael Peters <mp@mpeters.de>
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Subject: Looping with a drummer

Maybe I'll find out on Nov 8th how Adrian Belew's drummer copes with the
loops that come from Adrian. Does he have a click in an in-ear monitor, or
something like that, or does he simply listen to the loops on the monitor
box, and that is enough to keep him synced?

What are your experiences of rhythmic guitar looping in a band - what is the
best way to keep the drummer synced to the loop that you create? do you use
a predefined click, something like a Ableton backing track - or do you set
the loop timing by foot and leave it to the drummer to stay synced with it?
do you give him headphones or just point some speaker towards him?

I have this fabulous bassist and drummer and we're just starting to develop
material. It is not sure if we will find a suitable keyboard player - we
might stay a power trio for a while, and I'd like to find ways to enhance
this situation by using loops. Not sure how though.