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199609/msg00180:Walls of the Vortex

199609/msg00202:Re: speakers

199610/msg00555:Re: lobbying for upgrades.

199610/msg00088:Re: Eventide?

199610/msg00546:Re: lobbying for upgrades.

199610/msg00511:Re: Meat Beat

199610/msg00559:Re: lobbying for upgrades.

199610/msg00105:Re: Eventide?

199610/msg00598:Re: lobbying for upgrades.

199610/msg00067:Re: Amplifiers

199610/msg00554:Re: lobbying for upgrades.

199610/author:(No subject)

199610/msg00070:Re: Details, details


199610/msg00523:Re: lobbying for upgrades.

199610/msg00403:Re: When? Where?

199610/msg00569:Re: lobbying for upgrades.

199610/msg00058:You asked for it...

199610/msg00599:Re: lobbying for upgrades.

199611/msg00185:gear questions

199612/msg00086:Re: Ground Control

199612/msg00160:RE: KC video: live in japan, oct. 95

199612/msg00183:RE: KC video: live in japan, oct. 95

199612/msg00022:Vortex Applications Notes

199612/msg00158:KC video: live in japan, oct. 95

199612/msg00201:RE: Fripp Equipment -- Circa January1986

199612/msg00205:RE: Fripp Equipment -- Circa now

199612/msg00204:Fripp Equipment -- Circa now

199701/msg00056:Re: JamMan Rumors (attempt 2!)

199701/msg00203:Lexicon Prime Time Delay

199701/msg00073:Re: building our own looper

199701/msg00063:Re[2]: JamMan Rumors (attempt 2!)

199701/msg00071:Re: building our own looper

199701/msg00055:Building an FX Device

199701/msg00202:Re: RE: Lexicon MXP-1


199702/msg00122:Re: Some ideas...

199702/msg00080:Re: Some ideas...

199702/msg00078:Re: On future looping machines

199702/msg00076:Re: On future looping machines

199703/msg00028:Re: Effects Processor with Random Function

199703/msg00011:more on Kyma.....

199703/msg00147:Re: Boomerang: sample time vs. sample rate

199703/msg00038:Re: more on Kyma.....

199703/msg00106:Boomerang review

199705/msg00184:FS: Eventide GTR4000 $2300

199705/author:(No subject)

199707/msg00105:Re: Some questions for an intro page

199708/msg00243:Eventide Harmonizer

199708/msg00320:More Gear Talk: Korg DL8000R

199708/msg00169:Re: Ambient effects -- something wild and crazy, please!

199708/msg00158:Re: RE: Ambient effects -- something wild and crazy, please!

199708/msg00105:RE: Ambient effects -- something wild and crazy, please!

199708/author:(No subject)

199708/msg00259:Re: Eventide Harmonizer

199708/msg00247:Re: Eventide Harmonizer

199708/msg00036:Re: Midi standards

199708/msg00277:Re: Eventide Harmonizer

199709/msg00149:Echoplex Questionnaire results -- soon!

199709/msg00016:Re: Effects


199709/msg00167:Re: jammidimystery

199709/msg00181:Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro -- Market Demand & Availability Study

199709/msg00166:Re: jammidimystery

199710/msg00263:10 questions

199710/msg00056:Re: Multi-effects Unit

199710/msg00063:cc:Mail Link to SMTP Undeliverable Message

199710/msg00062:Re: Re: Multi-effects Unit

199710/msg00061:Re: Multi-effects Unit

199711/msg00319:andy summers show...


199712/msg00245:Re: Fripp - "Sully his hands in commerce"

199712/msg00062:Re: King Crimson Concert in London, England

199712/msg00246:Fripp - "Sully his hands in commerce"

199712/msg00241:Re: Fripp, making friends in the audience again????

199712/msg00242:Re: Fripp, making friends in the audience again????

199801/msg00312:Re: Kyma (was: www-cycling74 wow.:)

199801/msg00425:Re: craft project

199801/msg00422:craft project



199801/msg00435:Re: craft project

199802/msg00065:What / who is on the forefront of looping music?

199802/msg00032:Re: Back in the Saddle Again

199802/msg00552:Re: those pesky trademarks


199802/msg00517:Re: Reverse thingys

199802/msg00666:Re: why do people think looping is just for guitar?

199802/msg00000:Back in the Saddle Again

199802/msg00540:Looper party game #2

199802/msg00346:Fwd: Re[4]: craft project

199802/msg00543:Re: those pesky trademarks

199802/msg00544:Re: What does a Echo-plex cost?

199802/msg00321:Re: backporch of looping (was: forefront)

199802/msg00078:Process vs. Theory- was, Who's on the forefront of loopmuse

199802/msg00315:backporch of looping (was: forefront)

199802/msg00561:Re: those pesky trademarks

199803/msg00869:Re: Fripps preamps

199803/msg00684:Vortex sighting

199803/msg00814:Switchers (was Re: ProjecKt 2)

199803/msg00831:Re: Switchers (was Re: ProjecKt 2)

199803/msg00786:ProjecKt 2 @ Palookaville, Santa Cruz, CA...

199803/msg00735:Re: R: R: What I'd love from a next-generation looper

199803/msg00714:Re: What I'd love from a next-generation looper

199804/msg00116:Re: Lexicon MPX100

199806/msg00312:RE: Embarassing Equipment

199806/msg00307:Embarassing Equipment

199806/msg00133:Re: feedback idea

199806/msg00412:Re: New Looper Idea

199806/msg00410:Re: New Looper Idea

199807/msg00011:FS/FT Eventide Harmonizer

199807/msg00096:MAX/Computers on Stage

199807/author:(No subject)

199807/msg00100:Re: MAX/Computers on Stage

199812/msg00128:re:getting started

199812/msg00127:re:getting started

199812/msg00131:Re: Multiple Loops question

199812/msg00080:Re:Getting Started

199812/msg00295:Fripp Soundscaping Setup

199812/msg00125:Re: Multiple Loops question

199901/msg00430:Re: question

199902/msg00240:RE: Jamman on Ebay - $500?!?!?!?!

199903/msg00098:Re: EVENTIDE?

199903/msg00077:Re: EVENTIDE?

199903/msg00122:cc:Mail Link to SMTP Undeliverable Message

199903/msg00167:Re: EchoPlex

199903/msg00097:Re: EVENTIDE?


199903/msg00156:Re: EchoPlex

199903/msg00112:Re: EVENTIDE?

199903/author:(No subject)

199903/msg00091:Re: EVENTIDE?

199903/msg00078:Re: EVENTIDE?

199903/msg00163:Re: EchoPlex

199904/msg00442:RE: EVENTIDE.

199904/msg00524:Re: EVENTIDE.

199904/msg00445:Re: EVENTIDE/Granular

199904/msg00529:Re: EVENTIDE.

199904/msg00361:Re: Stereo Jam Man

199904/msg00542:Re: Midi controller question

199904/msg00352:Re: Stereo Jam Man

199904/msg00441:Re: EVENTIDE/Granular

199904/msg00448:Re: EVENTIDE/Granular

199904/msg00517:Re: EVENTIDE.

199904/msg00443:Eventide GTR4000 for sale (was Re: EVENTIDE.)

199904/msg00360:Re: Stereo Jam Man/DSP4000

199904/msg00540:Midi controller question

199904/msg00549:Re: Re: Midi controller question

199904/author:(No subject)



199904/msg00374:Looper's @ Rogue

199904/msg00444:Re: EVENTIDE.

199904/msg00362:Re: Stereo Jam Man/DSP4000

199904/msg00510:Re: Stereo Jam Man

199904/msg00447:Re: EVENTIDE/Granular

199904/msg00446:Re: EVENTIDE/Granular

199904/msg00547:Re: Midi controller question

199904/msg00357:Re: Stereo Jam Man

199906/msg00422:In search of the ultimate looper?, &c.

199906/msg00374:Re: more on Kyma.....

199906/msg00100:Re: more on Kyma.....

199907/msg00495:Re: New looping pedal--Line 6 DL-4 Delay Modeler.

199907/msg00408:Re: What's A Good Pitch Shift Pedal?

199907/msg00014:pre and post processing an echoplex at the sametime without adding gear

199907/msg00007:Alternate multitrack micro looper + effects

199907/msg00411:Re: What's A Good Pitch Shift Pedal?

199907/msg00407:What's A Good Pitch Shift Pedal?

199907/msg00498:Innovation in music technology (was Re: New looping pedal--Line 6 DL-4 Delay Modeler.)

199907/msg00502:Re: New looping pedal--Line 6 DL-4 Delay Modeler.

199908/msg00193:Re: zoom 2100 looper/guitar effect processor

199908/msg00183:Re: zoom 2100 looper/guitar effect processor

199908/author:(No subject)

199908/msg00353:Eventide GTR4000

199908/msg00368:Re: Eventide GTR4000

199908/msg00386:Re: Eventide GTR4000

199908/msg00175:Computer Based Audio Loopers

199909/msg00154:Re: Manual hangover.

199909/msg00503:Re: Portable Power/PA


199911/msg00791:Kyma system at ebay

199911/msg00177:Eventide DSP 4500

199911/msg00799:Re: Effect as crutch

199911/author:(No subject)

199911/msg00393:Re: Eventide Loop Module

199911/msg00812:Kyma questions

199911/msg00249:RE: Eventide DSP 4500

199911/msg00394:Re: Eventide Loop Module

199911/msg00798:Re: Kyma system at ebay

199911/msg00392:Eventide Loop Module

199912/msg00364:Re: Indian/middle eastern sounds, microtonality

199912/msg00077:Re: Vortex vs. MPX-100

199912/msg00475:Re: Sitar Sounds out of a Guitar

199912/msg00541:Re: Indian/middle eastern sounds, microtonality

199912/msg00378:Re: Indian/middle eastern sounds, microtonality


199912/msg00550:Re: Indian/middle eastern sounds, microtonality

199912/msg00831:Re: New looper guidance wanted/needed

199912/msg00262:Lexicon MPXG2, SU700, Korg OasysPCI

199912/msg00487:Re: Sitar Sounds out of a Guitar

199912/msg00590:Re: Kyma system at ebay

199912/msg00365:Re: Indian/middle eastern sounds, microtonality

199912/msg00547:Re: Indian/middle eastern sounds, microtonality

200001/msg00542:Vortex emulation

200001/author:(No subject)

200001/msg00157:Eventide Trade?

200002/msg00443:R: Digitech RDS footswitches, looping reverb

200002/author:(No subject)

200002/msg00043:SlyOT: Eventide Users Group?

200003/msg00442:Re: four-channel output/surround reverb

200003/msg00436:Re: four-channel output/surround reverb

200004/msg00513:Re: Mo-Fx, was Live horn looping

200004/msg00292:R: GP-100 vs. Line 6

200004/msg00499:Mo-Fx, was Live horn looping

200005/msg00420:voltage pedals

200006/msg00426:Re: MClark:Orville

200006/msg00495:Re: MClark:OrvilleRules

200006/msg00506:Re: new looper from Italy

200006/msg00386:new looper from Italy

200006/msg00487:Re: MClark:OrvilleRules

200006/msg00389:Re: new looper from Italy

200006/msg00483:Re: MClark:OrvilleRules




200007/msg00366:Re: Eventide DSP4500 vs. Kyma

200007/msg00360:Eventide DSP4500 vs. Kyma

200007/msg00040:Loopers Tools for sale

200007/author:(No subject)

200007/msg00368:Re: Eventide DSP4500 vs. Kyma

200008/msg00211:Re: recommendation anyone?

200008/msg00293:Re: Eventide Orville questions

200008/msg00183:Re: Echoplex=crap

200008/msg00011:Re: Eventide DSP4500 vs. Kyma

200008/msg00162:Re: Echoplex=crap for dummies

200008/msg00155:Re: Echoplex=crap for dummies

200008/msg00216:RE: recommendation anyone?

200008/msg00133:Echoplex=crap for dummies

200008/msg00343:RE: Eventide Orville Questions

200008/msg00288:Eventide Orville questions

200008/msg00000:Re: Eventide DSP4500 vs. Kyma

200008/msg00221:RE: Echoplex=crap

200008/author:(No subject)

200008/msg00538:Re: Max/MSP vs. Kyma

200008/msg00017:RE: Eventide DSP4500 vs. Kyma

200008/msg00178:Re: Echoplex=crap

200008/msg00161:Re: Echoplex=crap for dummies

200008/msg00019:Re: Eventide DSP4500 vs. Kyma

200008/msg00291:Re: Eventide Orville questions

200008/msg00174:Re: Echoplex=crap

200008/msg00135:Re: Echoplex=crap for dummies

200008/msg00210:Re: Hey Ital@@@p

200008/msg00208:Re: recommendation anyone?

200008/msg00005:RE: Eventide DSP4500 vs. Kyma

200008/msg00289:Re: Eventide Orville questions

200008/msg00157:RE: Echoplex=crap for dummies

200008/msg00138:Re: OZ gigs n FX

200008/msg00292:Re: Eventide Orville questions

200009/msg00489:Re: Eventide4 S.Schreirer

200009/msg00350:ORVILLE OWNERS(now and future)

200009/msg00524:RE: Eventide4 KIM

200009/msg00361:Re: ORVILLE OWNERS(now and future)

200009/msg00488:Re: Eventide4 S.Schreirer

200009/msg00367:Re: GTR4000 Footpedals?

200009/msg00341:Re: GTR4000 Footpedals?

200009/msg00343:Re: GTR4000 Footpedals?

200009/msg00464:Gibson Echoplex DP vs Orville

200009/msg00465:Eventide4 S.Schreirer

200009/msg00629:Re: GOODLOOP

200009/msg00491:RE: Eventide4 S.Schreirer

200009/author:(No subject)

200009/msg00487:Re: Eventide4 S.Schreirer


200009/msg00362:Re: ORVILLE OWNERS(now and future)

200009/msg00532:RE: Eventide4 KIM

200009/msg00363:Re: GTR4000 Footpedals?

200009/msg00498:R: Eventide4 S.Schreirer

200009/msg00365:Re: GTR4000 Footpedals?

200009/msg00466:EVENTIDE users (Now & Future)

200009/msg00499:RE: Eventide4 KIM

200009/msg00467:RE: EVENTIDE users (Now & Future)

200010/msg00521:R: OT Guitar processor

200010/msg00118:Re: new MIDI Looping Standard

200010/msg00238:Re: R: Performance setup

200010/msg00448:Re: Help looking Guitar Processor

200010/msg00212:R: Performance setup

200010/msg00435:Re: Help looking Guitar Processor

200011/msg00429:Re: Eventide programming list

200011/msg00441:Re: what are ORVILLE and DYNAMO?

200011/msg00398:Eventide programming list? (was Re: Vortex - midi mods ?)

200011/msg00430:Re: Eventide programming list

200011/msg00240:RE: Repeater question 4 DAMON

200011/msg00414:RE: Eventide programming list

200011/msg00404:RE: MAX and MIDI and Looping

200011/author:(No subject)

200011/msg00432:new Eventide Users mailing list at egroups

200011/msg00407:Re: Eventide programming list

200011/msg00399:RE: MAX and MIDI and Looping

200011/msg00406:Re: echoplex

200011/msg00405:Re: echoplex

200012/msg00521:Re: Updates to my page

200012/msg00472:Re: argh... my head hurts...


200012/msg00527:Re: Updates to my page

200012/author:(No subject)

200012/msg00518:Re: OT: harmonizer control

200012/msg00039:Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V00 #384

200101/msg00256:Re: Battery Powered suggestions [busking loops]

200101/msg00492:Re: analog delays

200101/msg00281:Re: Battery Powered suggestions [busking loops]

200101/msg00105:Re: Updates to my page

200101/msg00280:RE: Battery Powered suggestions [busking loops]

200101/msg00278:Re: Battery Powered suggestions [busking loops]

200101/msg00653:Of course, you've got to hook something to those aux sends!

200101/msg00579:Italo's homepage

200101/msg00254:Re: Battery Powered suggestions [busking loops]

200101/msg00282:RE: Battery Powered suggestions [busking loops]

200102/msg00555:mp3 homepage

200102/msg00212:Re: simultaneous, multiple-length loops

200103/msg00229:Digital loops & Orville

200103/msg00408:Re: sound manipulation

200103/msg00162:Re: Poor Man's Kyma?

200103/msg00512:Re: good feedback vs. bad feedback, or the revenge of the 10dollar microphone.

200103/msg00885:Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V01 #182

200103/msg00217:Re: Digital loops? slightly O.T.

200103/msg00414:Re: recommended loop box?

200103/msg00231:Re: Digital loops & Orville

200103/msg00157:Re: R: switching off with mains

200103/msg00151:R: switching off with mains

200104/msg00456:Kyma question for Dennis Leas....

200104/msg00475:Thank you Dennis Leas...

200104/msg00479:Re: Thank you Dennis Leas...


200104/msg00008:Fwd: Sloof Lirpa Vocal Processor

200104/msg00114:Re: gig/GIG

200104/msg00505:Dear Italo,

200104/msg00463:Re: Kyma question for Dennis Leas....

200104/msg00507:Re: Dear Italo,

200104/msg00457:EVENTIDE USERS GROUP ON LINE Tutorials..

200104/author:(No subject)

200104/msg00120:Re: gig/GIG

200104/msg00115:RE: gig/GIG

200104/msg00484:Re: Thank you Dennis Leas...

200105/msg00616:RE: attn newcomers (and Kim)

200105/msg00408:Re: anybody using the Boss RC-20 yet

200105/msg00637:RE: attn newcomers (and Kim)

200105/msg00650:Re: attn newcomers (and Kim)

200105/msg00021:Orville loops

200105/msg00463:Re: Fractal looping

200105/msg00459:Re: Fractal looping

200105/msg00427:Re: anybody using the Boss RC-20 yet

200105/msg00513:hey all from randy clark and crowsong!!!!!

200105/msg00618:RE: attn newcomers (and Kim)

200105/msg00462:Re: Fractal looping

200105/msg00622:OT: the Soft Synth discovery trip (was attn newcomers (and Kim))

200105/msg00620:Re: attn newcomers (and Kim)

200105/msg00446:Re: Fractal looping

200106/msg00413:Eventide H3000 SE for sale

200106/msg00127:Re: wow: ALIAS Zone, Lucid Dreams

200106/author:(No subject)

200106/msg00948:Re: R: Off Topic-indulge me please

200107/msg00311:Re: Any dj's using loops live? (R. Zvonar)

200107/msg00310:Re: Any dj's using loops live?

200107/msg01085:Re: Help with Eventide H3000/Midi!

200107/msg00223:delay based looping.

200107/msg01080:Re: Help with Eventide H3000/Midi!

200107/author:(No subject)

200107/msg00227:Re: delay based looping.

200107/msg01071:Help with Eventide H3000/Midi!

200107/msg00353:Re: Any dj's using loops live (The Rest Of You Can...)

200107/msg00297:Re: Any dj's using loops live?

200107/msg01089:Re: Help with Eventide H3000/Midi!

200107/msg00224:RE: delay based looping.

200107/msg00225:Re: delay based looping.

200108/msg01229:Re: Can we take a second...

200108/msg01204:Re: Can we take a second...

200109/msg00180:Re: Fripp's Octave Unit?

200109/msg00791:Re: Eventide Eclipse?

200109/msg00939:Re: OT: Reverse volume pedal

200109/msg00372:Re: EDP question/etc.

200109/msg00162:Re: Fripp's Octave Unit?

200109/msg00154:RE: S#!t! HELP! (slightly off-topic midi ?)

200109/msg00384:Re: EDP question/etc.

200109/msg00126:Re: S#!t! HELP! (slightly off-topic midi ?)

200109/author:(No subject)

200109/msg00178:Re: Fripp's Octave Unit?

200109/msg00379:Re: EDP question/etc.

200109/msg00789:Eventide Eclipse?

200110/msg01042:Re: Best effects processor.

200110/msg00882:Re:Best effects processor.

200110/msg00984:OT: Eventide Eclipse Ooooops

200110/msg01011:Re: Eventide Eclipse (was: Best effects processor. (Sync))

200110/msg01048:Re: Eventide Eclipse (was: Best effects processor. (Sync))

200110/msg00853:Best fx processor for 'sythy' sounds

200110/msg00885:Re:Best effects processor.

200110/msg00378:New Repeater mail list

200110/msg00855:Re:Best effects processor...

200110/msg00893:Re: Re:Best effects processor.

200110/msg00983:Re: Eventide Eclipse Ooooops

200110/msg00880:Re:Best effects processor.

200110/msg01081:Re: Eventide Eclipse Ooooops

200110/author:(No subject)

200110/msg00982:Re: Eventide Eclipse (was: Best effects processor. (Sync))

200110/msg00883:Re: Affordable Soundscapes

200110/msg00749:OT: official Eventide Customers Support

200110/msg00942:Re: back lubing echo

200110/msg01079:Re: Eventide Eclipse Ooooops

200110/msg00977:Re: Eventide Eclipse (was: Best effects processor. (Sync))

200110/msg01020:Re: Eventide Eclipse (was: Best effects processor. (Sync))

200110/msg00858:Re: Re:Best effects processor...

200110/msg00884:Re: Best effects processor.

200111/msg00489:Re: OT-debate

200111/msg00546:Re: re:Looping gear advice

200111/msg00657:Eventide - GTR4000

200111/msg00540:re:Looping gear advice

200111/author:(No subject)


200111/msg00335:Fw eventideRe: MIDI Controllers For your information

200111/msg00334:Fw: [eventidehelps] Re: More on MIDI Controllers

200111/msg00561:Re: Looping gear advice

200111/msg00405:Re: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

200112/msg00256:RE: intelligent pitch shift (gettin' kinda OT)

200112/msg00441:Re: FIRST LOOPING MEMORIES

200112/msg00284:Re: intelligent pitch shift

200112/msg00190:Re: Newbie questions; Thanks!

200112/msg00240:Re: Pitch Shifting

200112/msg00253:intelligent pitch shift

200112/msg00223:Re: Newbie questions; Thanks!

200112/msg00459:Re: FIRST LOOPING MEMORIES

200112/msg00469:Re: FIRST LOOPING MEMORIES

200112/msg00369:RE: 'nother Newbie question

200112/msg00220:Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V01 #715

200112/msg00424:Re: Re:Newbie question; the live approach

200112/msg00695:Re: Boomerang + Version 2.a3 phrase sampler NEW ****** $350.00 *******NEW NE...

200112/msg00192:Re: Pitch Shifting


200112/msg00687:Re: Lexicon PCM-81


200112/msg00283:Re: intelligent pitch shift

200112/rtf00001.rtf:(No subject)

200112/msg00368:Re:'nother Newbie question

200112/msg00334:Re: intelligent pitch shift -- digitech units


200112/msg00191:Re: Pitch Shifting

200112/msg00287:Re: Pitch Shifting

200112/msg00255:Re: intelligent pitch shift

200201/msg00496:Re: tap tempo to midi clock ???????

200201/msg00495:RE: tap tempo to midi clock ???????

200201/msg00488:Re: tap tempo to midi clock ???????


200201/msg00944:Unlimited budget (was Re: good processor for weird sounds, etc.?)

200201/msg00541:Re: Vortex revisited

200201/msg00885:Re: good processor for weird sounds, etc.?

200201/msg00503:Re: tap tempo to midi clock ???????


200201/msg00485:Re: tap tempo to midi clock ???????

200201/msg00494:RE: tap tempo to midi clock ???????

200201/msg00038:Re: Finding Local looping performances

200201/msg00470:tap tempo to midi clock ???????

200201/msg00490:Re: tap tempo to midi clock ???????

200201/author:(No subject)

200201/msg00353:eventide dsp4000


200201/msg00036:Re: Finding Local looping performances


200201/msg00567:Re: Vortex revisited

200201/msg00907:Re: good processor for weird sounds, etc.?


200201/msg00662:Re: Crusher-X

200202/msg00054:Re: top tools =?


200202/msg00077:eventide dsp sound samples?


200202/msg00093:Re: eventide general question

200202/msg00087:Re: eventide general question

200202/msg00092:My looper's bigger than your looper

200202/msg00096:Re: My looper's bigger than your looper

200202/msg00083:Re: top tools =?

200202/msg00139:Re: EH was Re: Reverb: Bang for Buck

200202/msg00097:Re: My looper's bigger than your looper

200202/msg00084:Re: top tools =?

200202/msg00692:Re: patching/effects loop query

200202/msg00110:Re: My looper's bigger than your looper

200202/msg00095:Re: eventide general question

200202/msg00082:Re: eventide general question

200202/author:(No subject)

200202/msg00687:Re: patching/effects loop query

200202/msg00079:Re: eventide dsp sound samples?

200202/msg00091:Re: eventide general question


200202/msg00716:Re: patching/effects loop query

200202/msg00078:Re: eventide dsp sound samples?


200202/msg00130:Re: Reverb: Bang for Buck (Was: Percussive Loopers)

200202/msg00682:patching/effects loop query

200202/msg00039:Re: Release spam - Alias Zone "Lucid Dreams" CD

200202/msg00640:Re: Sending Sysx from a Foot Controller


200203/msg01003:Re: Soundart Chameleon

200203/msg00098:Re: MIDI Tempo based effect processor?

200203/msg00588:Re: edp volume query

200203/msg00256:RE: vocal looper?

200203/msg01067:Re: midi cabling...quality cables?

200203/msg00574:Re: edp volume query

200203/msg00253:RE: vocal looper?

200203/msg00089:Re: MIDI Tempo based effect processor?

200203/msg00097:Re: MIDI Tempo based effect processor?

200203/msg00585:Re: edp volume query

200203/author:(No subject)

200203/msg00120:Re: MIDI Tempo based effect processor?

200203/msg00179:footpedal suggestions for eventide and switchblade?

200203/msg00597:Re: edp volume query

200203/msg00601:Re: edp volume query


200203/msg00569:Re: edp volume query

200203/msg00847:behringer footcontroller

200203/msg00321:Re: vocal looper?

200203/msg00181:Re: footpedal suggestions for eventide and switchblade?


200203/msg00566:edp volume query

200203/msg00609:Re: edp volume query

200203/msg01066:midi cabling...quality cables?

200203/msg00575:Re: edp volume query


200204/msg00863:Niche Automation products blow-out

200204/msg00108:Re: Gear setup/sequence question


200205/msg00578:Re: Lex MPX-1

200205/msg00468:RE: Effects units

200205/msg00456:RE: Effects units

200205/msg00434:Effects units

200205/msg00408:Re: Lexicon MPX500=good loop mangler?

200205/msg00441:RE: Effects units

200205/msg00422:Re: Lexicon MPX500=good loop mangler?


200205/msg00294:Re: Lexicon MPX500=good loop mangler?

200205/msg00470:Re: Effects units


200205/msg00436:Re: Effects units

200205/msg00455:RE: Effects units

200206/msg00708:RE: percussion, pitch-shifting and fxs (re:pitch-shifting percussion in realtime)

200206/msg00238:SV: Tap Tempo with EDP


200206/msg00236:RE: 3 Button Footswitch

200206/msg00155:3 Button Footswitch

200206/msg00348:RE: alto music

200206/msg00463:Re: Pitch-shifting percussion sounds in realtime...

200206/msg00177:Tap Tempo with EDP

200206/msg00983:Re: alembic preamp

200206/msg00968:Re: alembic preamp

200206/msg00235:RE: Tap Tempo with EDP

200206/msg00477:Re: Pitch-shifting percussion sounds in realtime...

200206/msg00701:percussion, pitch-shifting and fxs (re:pitch-shifting percussion in realtime)


200206/msg01070:Re: Loop IV: Synchronization is awesome

200206/msg00570:Re: Pitch-shifting percussion sounds in realtime...

200206/msg00535:Re: Pitch-shifting percussion sounds in realtime...

200206/msg00786:rackmount overdrive/distortion

200207/msg00333:Re: eventide orville

200207/msg00324:Re: eventide orville

200207/msg00319:eventide orville

200207/msg01438:Re: Eventide H3500 question

200207/msg00578:Re: eventide orville

200207/msg00433:RE: Looping with Brother Sean & Summer NAMM

200207/msg00331:Re: eventide orville



200207/msg00183:Re: Looper cencus/Loop history

200207/msg00398:Re: eventide orville

200207/msg00473:Re: New MIDI footpedal (MFC10) and EDP.



200207/msg01444:Re: OT: Eventide H3500 question

200207/msg00657:RE: Learning How to use the EDP?

200207/msg00044:Re: looping other people...

200207/msg00404:RE: eventide orville

200207/author:(No subject)


200207/msg00335:Re: eventide orville

200207/msg01493:Re: EH 16 second delay

200207/msg00579:RE: eventide orville

200207/msg01446:Re: OT: Eventide H3500 question

200207/msg00332:Re: eventide orville

200207/msg00321:Re: eventide orville

200207/msg00375:Re: eventide orville

200207/msg01437:OT: Eventide H3500 question

200207/msg01484:Re: OT: Eventide H3500 question

200207/msg00323:Re: eventide orville

200207/msg00330:Re: eventide orville

200207/msg00337:RE: eventide orville

200207/msg01439:Re: OT: Eventide H3500 question

200207/msg01441:Re: OT: Eventide H3500 question

200207/msg01463:Re: OT: Eventide H3500 question

200207/msg00365:Looping with Brother Sean

200207/msg00575:Re: eventide orville


200207/msg00405:Re: eventide orville

200208/msg00688:Re: Stereo Effects & EDP

200208/msg00002:Re: OT: Eventide H3500 question


200208/msg00025:Re: OT: Eventide H3500 question

200208/msg01024:RE: Using the Wind Synth to control the Repeater

200208/msg00868:Re: fripp looper o o loop

200208/msg00838:Re: fripp looper o o loop


200208/msg00117:RE: Learning How to use the EDP?

200208/author:(No subject)

200208/msg00019:Re: OT: Eventide H3500 question


200208/msg00878:Re: fripp looper o o loop

200208/msg00835:Re: fripp looper o o loop

200208/msg00876:RE: EZbus


200209/msg00442:Re: Feedback Pedal

200209/msg00434:Re: Feedback Pedal


200209/msg00917:Re: Reflections on right brain/left brain approaches to gear

200209/msg00473:Re: Vibrato pedal for a cello..

200209/msg00988:Re: Patch Bay Question...


200209/msg00564:Re: new self made looper!

200209/msg00613:Re: Pitch Bend

200209/msg00500:Re: Vibrato pedal for a cello..

200209/msg00499:Re: Vibrato pedal for a cello..

200210/msg00810:Re: AES loopage





200210/msg00781:AES loopage


200210/msg00839:Re: AES loopage/Reverb Freezing

200210/msg00507:Re: Plugzilla-Any looping potential here?






200210/msg00857:Re: AES loopage

200210/msg00509:Re: Plugzilla-Any looping potential here?


200211/msg01163:Re: Many questions---

200211/msg00398:Re: i'm no longer string-y, richard

200211/msg00845:Re: 80's looping?

200211/msg01015:Re: Looper Construction Kit website open!

200211/msg01036:RE: [looper's] First Excursions into pitchshifting

200211/msg00997:Re: Looper Construction Kit website open!

200211/msg00878:Re: 80's looping?

200211/msg00532:Re: I'm really sorry...


200212/msg00649:Re: Speaking of NAMM...

200301/msg00771:Re: new HW/SW trend?

200301/msg00950:EDP. sound quality in old machines versus new ones from withinOrville...

200301/msg00608:Re: Here's what I need in a digital delay. Recommendations?

200301/msg01099:Re: Goin' Loopy in San Diego

200301/msg00611:Re: Here's what I need in a digital delay. Recommendations?

200301/msg01113:Re: Goin' Loopy in San Diego

200301/msg00037:Re: Fretless MIDI guitar

200301/msg00278:RE: LEXICON pcm 81 gear lust

200301/msg01116:Re: Goin' Loopy in San Diego


200301/msg01094:Goin' Loopy in San Diego

200301/msg00774:Re: new HW/SW trend?

200303/msg01109:Re: Orvilles to replace EDPs?

200303/msg01102:Re: Orvilles to replace EDPs?

200303/msg01127:Re: Orvilles to replace EDPs?

200303/msg00356:Re: Squarepushers breakbeat rig

200303/msg01151:Re: Orvilles to replace EDPs?

200303/msg00410:Re: delay time part ii

200303/msg01191:KSP8 first's a looper, too

200303/msg01030:Orvilles to replace EDPs?

200303/msg00113:New Looping CD, my second to feature bass

200303/msg00967:Max/MSP/Jitter workshop - March 30 in LA

200303/msg01124:Re: Orvilles to replace EDPs?

200303/msg00358:Re: Squarepushers breakbeat rig

200303/msg01110:Re: Orvilles to replace EDPs?

200303/msg00582:RE: delay time part ii

200303/msg00363:Re: Squarepusher's breakbeat rig...

200303/msg00370:[looper's] RE: OT: Squarepusher's breakbeat rig...

200303/msg00359:Re: OT: Squarepusher's breakbeat rig...

200303/msg01076:Re: Orvilles to replace EDPs?

200304/msg00270:Re: Tax Strategies for LOOPERS

200304/msg00304:RE: Tax Strategies for LOOPERS



200304/msg00229:looping gig in NY this Sunday

200304/msg00041:Re: KSP8 first

200304/msg00022:Re: KSP8 first's a looper, too


200304/msg00012:Re: KSP8 first's a looper, too

200304/msg00072:Eventides and Looping

200304/msg00117:Re: EVENTIDES and the art of Looping

200304/msg00095:EVENTIDES and the art of Looping

200304/msg00034:Re: KSP8 first

200304/author:(No subject)


200304/msg00286:Re: Tax Strategies for LOOPERS

200304/msg00130:CD reviews/looping on Eclipse


200304/msg00266:Re: Tax Strategies for LOOPERS

200304/msg00043:Eventide looping presets


200305/msg00206:Re: Gary hall

200305/msg00456:Re: Live processing w/ plugins

200305/msg00964:Re: Mega compact looping rig



200305/msg00004:Re: multi-effects

200305/msg00201:Re: Gary hall

200305/msg00153:Re: Voice pitch shifters

200305/msg00105:Re: Voice pitch shifters

200305/msg00038:RE: multi-effects

200305/msg00470:RE: - Plugzilla?

200305/msg00205:Re: Gary hall

200305/msg01075:LIVE LOOPING: a definition

200305/msg00898:Re: Mega compact looping rig

200305/msg00181:Re: Digital reverbs

200305/msg00438:Re: Live processing w/ plugins

200306/msg00678:Re: Frippertronics and Soundscapes

200306/msg01120:Paul Dresher / Was Re: essential loop recordings


200306/msg01126:Re: Paul Dresher / Was Re: essential loop recordings

200306/msg00284:Re: OT - dynamics processors Re: Hearing parts that aren't there (was: Re: the function of some music)

200306/msg00572:Re: Frippertronics and soundscapes

200306/msg01121:Re: Paul Dresher / Was Re: essential loop recordings


200306/msg00903:Reaktor 4 as a guitar processor

200306/msg01123:Re: Paul Dresher / Was Re: essential loop recordings

200306/msg01052:Re: Frippertronics and Soundscapes

200306/author:(No subject)


200306/msg00675:Eventide 'Cup Mute" filter


200306/msg00904:Re: Reaktor 4 as a guitar processor

200306/msg00685:Re: MPX1 midi in

200306/msg00683:MPX1 midi in

200306/msg01321:Re: Joshua Redman and the Repeater

200306/msg00282:Re: OT - dynamics processors Re: Hearing parts that aren't there(was: Re: the function of some music)

200306/msg00406:Eventide looping

200307/msg00474:Re: (affordable) stereo (live) looping?

200307/msg01065:Re: which multi effects box ?

200307/msg00461:(affordable) stereo (live) looping?

200307/msg00797:RE: Reaktor 4 as gtr processor

200307/msg01067:Re: which multi effects box ?

200307/msg00465:RE: (affordable) stereo (live) looping?

200307/msg00799:RE: Reaktor 4 as gtr processor

200307/msg00629:Re: How Many Delays, synced and unsynced

200307/msg00795:Re: Reaktor 4 as gtr processor

200307/msg01062:Re: which multi effects box ?

200307/msg00471:Re: (affordable) stereo (live) looping?

200307/msg01110:Re: Switchblade

200307/msg00478:Re: (affordable) stereo (live) looping?

200307/msg00792:Reaktor 4 as gtr processor

200308/msg00998:Re: Cranky Kim

200308/msg01045:Re: Cranky Kim

200308/msg00588:Re: future loopers

200308/msg00615:Re: Eventide Orville...

200308/msg00310:Re: Any tips for an "audio pitched down" device?

200308/msg00614:Eventide Orville...

200308/msg01048:Cranky Greg

200308/msg00398:ips33 vs. ips33b? was:"audio pitched down" device?

200308/msg00341:re: any tips for audio pitched down device...........

200308/msg00758:re: future loopers

200308/msg01172:Re: Cranky Kim

200308/msg00610:re: future loopers

200308/msg00607:Re: future loopers

200308/msg00354:"audio pitched down" device?

200308/msg00327:Re: Any tips for an "audio pitched down" device?

200308/msg01150:Re: Cranky Kim

200308/author:(No subject)

200308/msg01000:Hello, my name is biz and I am gearaholic. It all started with a small pink footpedal my friend gave me for my birthday...

200308/msg00326:Re: Any tips for an "audio pitched down" device?

200308/msg00309:RE: Any tips for an "audio pitched down" device?

200308/msg00358:Re: "audio pitched down" device?

200308/msg00334:Boss VF-1 was "audio pitched down" device?

200308/msg01327:Re: Narrowing the field (Re: Currently available looper music webpage)

200308/msg00833:Re: Stereo EDP (was Re: Hardware vs. software etc... (Re: =?iso-8859-1?Q?=A3900=21=21=21=21=21=21=21=21=21=21=21?= ))

200308/msg00741:Re: Type of looping machine

200309/msg00223:Re: Northern Ca loop gig

200309/msg00220:Northern Ca loop gig

200310/msg00007:Re: Behringer looper: Bass V-Amp

200310/msg00009:Re: Behringer looper: Bass V-Amp

200311/msg00109:Re: THE LOOPING TOOLS I USE

200311/msg00348:Re: Why use 2 loopers?

200311/author:(No subject)

200311/msg00161:Re: proposal for a new thread -- Loop Tools - Survey Results - Sept 1997

200311/msg00174:Re: THE LOOPING TOOLS I USE

200311/msg00026:Ebay spam - eventide orville

200311/msg00144:Re: proposal for a new thread -- Loop Tools - Survey Results - Sept 1997

200401/msg00402:Re: FCB1010 EDP MIDI thru problem?

200401/msg00114:my organ trio looping rig pic gallery

200401/msg00072:Edp Midi sync=out > making a Fireworx crazy

200401/msg00395:Midi Monitor

200401/msg00388:RE: FCB1010 EDP MIDI thru problem?

200403/msg00211:Re: need a digital delay that meets ridiculous requirements

200403/msg00258:Re: Eventides (Was: Re: Lovetone stuff)

200403/msg00237:Re: need a digital delay that meets ridiculous requirements

200403/msg00245:Re: Lovetone stuff

200403/msg00250:Eventides (Was: Re: Lovetone stuff)

200403/msg00246:Re: need a digital delay that meets ridiculous requirements

200403/msg00220:Re: need a digital delay that meets ridiculous requirements

200403/msg00218:Re: need a digital delay that meets ridiculous requirements

200403/msg00259:Re: Eventides (Was: Re: Lovetone stuff)

200403/msg00210:Re: need a digital delay that meets ridiculous requirements

200403/msg00265:Re: Eventides (Was: Re: Lovetone stuff)

200403/msg00266:Eventides, especially Eclipses

200403/msg00212:Re: need a digital delay that meets ridiculous requirements

200403/msg00257:Re: Eventides (Was: Re: Lovetone stuff)

200403/msg00213:Re: Lovetone stuff

200403/msg00209:Re: need a digital delay that meets ridiculous requirements

200404/msg00093:Re: Percussionist and EDP seeker

200404/msg00012:Re: live looping amplification etc.

200404/msg00058:Another Effectprocessor in the Rack

200404/msg00108:Re: Percussionist and EDP seeker

200404/msg00099:Gibson has been bought up by fender?

200405/msg00314:re: asychronous loops?

200405/msg00301:Re: asynchronous loops?

200405/msg00311:Re: signal path and asynchronous loops

200405/msg00302:Re: asynchronous loops?

200405/msg00331:Re: asychronous loops?

200405/msg00308:Re: asynchronous loops and the DD-20

200405/msg00328:re: asychronous loops?

200405/msg00243:Re: Pitch Shifter

200405/msg00162:Re: new Eiving Aarset CD

200405/msg00066:Re: EchoplexPro Yahoo Group

200405/msg00246:Re: Pitch Shifter

200405/msg00294:Re: asynchronous loops?

200405/msg00329:Re: the asynchronous DD-20 (and OTHER THOUGHTS ON GEAR IN GENERAL)

200405/msg00306:Re: asynchronous loops and the DD-20

200405/msg00399:Re: OTHER THOUGHTS ON GEAR IN GENERAL (gear lists)

200405/msg00264:Re: Pitch Shifter

200405/msg00315:Re: signal path and asynchronous loops

200405/msg00292:Re: asynchronous loops?

200406/msg00052:RE: Heel-Toe A-B

200406/msg00051:RE: Heel-Toe A-B

200406/msg00089:Re: tc 2290 series vs. parallel

200406/msg00048:Heel-Toe A-B

200407/msg00440:Re: Looping Festival in Kobe?

200408/msg00068:Re: Jeff Evans Loops

200408/msg00020:Re: kim's post, athlon processors, et. al.

200409/msg00136:Re: syncing MPC1000+EDP

200409/msg00128:Re: syncing MPC1000+EDP

200409/msg00103:Re: Eventide Eclipse 3.0 software update

200409/msg00488:Looping tools for sale

200409/msg00137:Re: links to new cool drum programs for the MPC1000

200409/msg00102:Eventide Eclipse 3.0 software update

200409/author:(No subject)

200409/msg00119:syncing MPC1000+EDP

200409/msg00138:Re: syncing MPC1000+EDP

200409/msg00124:links to new cool drum programs for the MPC1000

200410/msg00314:Re: TC FireworX (was: mp3 of G2 & EDP)

200410/msg00059:Looping tools (still) for sale

200410/msg00501:Re: OT: attn: Eventide/Mac users

200410/author:(No subject)

200410/msg00101:Eventide Eclipse 3.0

200410/msg00157:gear spam - eventide, all access

200410/msg00500:Re: OT: attn: Eventide/Mac users

200410/msg00499:OT: attn: Eventide/Mac users

200411/msg00263:Re: Fripp soundscapes and gear stuff

200411/msg00661:Re: Robert Fripp's Radiophonics (To Synth or not to Synth)

200411/msg00423:Re: Rewire Live / Logic 7 question

200411/msg00253:Fripp soundscapes and gear stuff

200411/msg00393:Re: Low Self Esteem and Looping

200411/msg00718:Re: (To Synth or not to Synth)

200411/msg00260:RE: Fripp soundscapes and gear stuff

200411/msg00640:Re: Robert Fripp's Radiophonics and A Blessing of Tears

200411/msg00255:RE: Fripp soundscapes and gear stuff

200412/msg00136:Re: Antares (was:Britany Spears on Looping)

200412/msg00450:Re: your signal chain?

200412/msg00189:Re: LOOPERS and VISUAL ARTISTS

200412/msg00307:Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V04 #523

200412/msg00029:synth intros/fripp/ loop listening stuff...

200412/msg00194:Re: LOOPERS and VISUAL ARTISTS


200412/msg00348:Eno Documentaries

200412/msg00145:Re: Antares (was:Britany Spears on Looping)

200412/msg00300:Re: Vortex and other devices that alter your tone

200412/msg00147:Re: Antares (was:Britany Spears on Looping)

200412/msg00012:Re: ORGANIC programming and looping (effects)

200412/msg00298:Re: Looper with digital I/O?

200412/msg00295:Vortex and other devices that alter your tone

200412/msg00359:Re: new delay effect

200502/msg00978:RE: Power of the Eventide Eclipse... Reverb

200502/msg00980:RE: Power of the Eventide Eclipse... Reverb

200502/msg00996:RE: Power of the Eventide Eclipse / Virtual Guitar Racks/Systems

200502/msg00981:Re: Power of the Eventide Eclipse

200502/msg00854:RE: When does it end?

200502/msg00973:Subject: When does it end?

200502/msg00999:Re: Power of the Eventide Eclipse / Virtual Guitar Racks/Systems

200502/msg00975:Power of the Eventide Eclipse

200502/author:(No subject)

200502/msg00987:AW: Power of the Eventide Eclipse

200502/msg00249:Re: Anybody recognise this?

200502/msg00471:Re: a usable laptop set-up (audio clip)

200502/msg00518:Re: Re: Re: RE: Re: RE: Re: RE:

200502/msg00478:Re: a usable laptop set-up (audio clip)

200503/msg00307:AW: READING?

200503/msg00769:Re: All-Laptop live? Sorry for sig file on previous post.

200503/msg00768:Re: All-Laptop live?

200504/msg00380:LISTENINGS: David Coffin's Reaktor 4 as Guitar FX demo

200505/msg00203:Re: VF-1 Re: Multi-Tap Delay: any smart idea ?

200505/msg00194:Re: VF-1 Re: Multi-Tap Delay: any smart idea ?

200505/msg00167:Re: Multi-Tap Delay: any smart idea ?

200505/msg00437:surround looping

200505/msg00126:RE: Sound Clip: Eclipse-ish sounds on Powerbook

200505/msg00222:Re: VF-1 Re: Multi-Tap Delay: any smart idea ?

200505/msg00179:VF-1 Re: Multi-Tap Delay: any smart idea ?

200505/msg00784:Re: Fill my rack!

200505/msg00129:Re: Sound Clip: Eclipse-ish sounds on Powerbook

200505/msg00125:Re: Sound Clip: Eclipse-ish sounds on Powerbook

200505/msg00124:Sound Clip: Eclipse-ish sounds on Powerbook

200507/msg00468:Re: Modern Soundscaping: Fripp.

200507/msg00159:FS: Gibson Echoplex & Eventide Eclipse

200507/author:(No subject)

200507/msg00535:Re: Modern Soundscaping: Fripp.

200507/msg00148:Best gear classified sites?

200507/msg00471:Re: Modern Soundscaping: Fripp.

200507/msg00150:RE: Best gear classified sites?

200507/msg00163:Re: FS: Gibson Echoplex & Eventide Eclipse

200507/msg00467:Re: Modern Soundscaping: Fripp.

200507/msg00151:Re: Best gear classified sites?

200508/msg00136:Rest and Peace to You Dr. Z

200508/msg00299:RE: superb looping beasts

200508/msg00167:RE: Zvonar the bell ringer

200508/msg00288:RE: superb looping beasts

200508/msg00296:Re: superb looping beasts

200508/msg00422:Re: superb looping beasts

200508/msg00322:Fripp adds some echoplexes...

200508/msg00354:RF: the end of an era

200508/msg00161:Zvonar the bell ringer

200508/msg00295:RE: superb looping beasts

200508/msg00290:RE: superb looping beasts

200508/msg00317:Re: superb looping beasts

200508/msg00287:superb looping beasts

200508/msg00292:Re: superb looping beasts

200508/msg00318:RE: superb looping beasts

200509/msg00078:Re: Stuff in the feedback loop, Was: Cooking your delays?

200510/msg00514:Re: Defining "pro"

200510/msg00016:Re: still goin clean

200510/msg00441:Re: sound mangling...

200510/msg00366:Re: Building a rackmount looping computer as an alternative to the Receptor for Mobius

200510/msg00234:Re: Y2K5 ends (my personal aftermath)

200510/msg00516:RE: Defining "pro"

200510/msg00513:RE: Defining "pro"

200510/msg00733:Re: good lord...!

200511/msg00530:Re: It's that time again! 2005 Biennial Looper's Survey

200511/msg00529:RE: It's that time again! 2005 Biennial Looper's Survey

200511/msg00542:Re: It's that time again! 2005 Biennial Looper's Survey

200511/msg00546:yes, DFX Re: It's that time again! 2005 Biennial Looper's Survey

200511/msg00541:RE: It's that time again! 2005 Biennial Looper's Survey

200511/msg00545:Re: It's that time again! 2005 Biennial Looper's Survey

200511/msg00534:RE: It's that time again! 2005 Biennial Looper's Survey

200511/msg00516:It's that time again! 2005 Biennial Looper's Survey

200511/msg00538:Re: It's that time again! 2005 Biennial Looper's Survey

200511/msg00537:Re: It's that time again! 2005 Biennial Looper's Survey

200511/msg00558:Boomerang didn't come back, just kept flying Re: It's that time again! 2005 Biennial Looper's Survey

200511/msg00544:Re: It's that time again! 2005 Biennial Looper's Survey

200511/msg00548:Re: It's that time again! 2005 Biennial Looper's Survey

200512/msg00712:Re: New Fripp Rig & how his rig functions

200512/msg00672:New Fripp Rig & how his rig functions

200512/msg00708:Re: New Fripp Rig & how his rig functions

200512/msg00986:Re: laptop based loopers/effects for live

200512/msg00690:Re: New Fripp Rig & how his rig functions

200512/msg00410:OT: gear FS (digitech, gemini)

200512/msg00674:Re: New Fripp Rig & how his rig functions

200512/msg00697:Re: New Fripp Rig & how his rig functions

200512/msg00695:Re: New Fripp Rig & how his rig functions

200512/msg00326:Re: Looperlative LP1 - current info compiled

200512/msg00719:Re: New Fripp Rig & how his rig functions

200512/msg00682:Re: New Fripp Rig & how his rig functions

200601/msg01167:Re: Looperlative Too Expensive?

200601/msg01154:Re: BOSE PAS

200601/msg00297:robert fripp answers

200601/msg01135:Re: Looperlative Too Expensive?

200601/msg00787:RE: Robert Fripp US tour

200601/msg00210:Re: Using a laptop onstage: Dominic Frasca's take is misguided

200601/msg01141:BOSE PAS

200601/msg00379:Re: robert fripp answers

200601/msg01136:Re: Looperlative Too Expensive?

200601/msg01146:Re: Looperlative Too Expensive?

200601/msg00792:RE: Robert Fripp US tour

200602/msg00141:guitar synth alternatives

200602/msg00147:Re: guitar synth alternatives

200602/msg00163:Re: guitar synth alternatives

200602/msg00144:Re: guitar synth alternatives

200603/msg00087:Re: Vedr. Re: Do I need that EDP?

200603/msg00083:Re: Vedr. Re: Do I need that EDP?

200603/msg00427:what a loop has to say

200603/author:(No subject)

200603/msg00645:Re: adding pitch shift to stereo EDP+'s

200603/msg00291:Eventide H8000 for sale

200603/msg00946:Re: power is nothing without control (was Re: Filter-Looper Swapping)

200603/msg00609:Re: adding pitch shift to stereo EDP+'s

200603/msg00061:Vedr. Re: Do I need that EDP?

200604/msg00606:Re: Advice sought - unbroken, seamless loops

200604/msg00958:XT Pro

200606/msg00712:RE: Sloppiness (was: Re: Hiromi)

200606/msg01051:Re: Thoughts on the Eclipse, Fireworx, G-Force, and PCM81

200606/msg00844:Re: Thoughts on the Eclipse, Fireworx, G-Force, and PCM81

200606/msg00760:RE: FOR SALE: Mesa Boogie Mark I Combo Amp

200606/msg00631:Re: FOR SALE: Mesa Boogie Mark I Combo Amp

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