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199708/msg00320:More Gear Talk: Korg DL8000R

199708/author:(No subject)

199709/author:(No subject)

199709/msg00090:New Korg DL8000R

199709/msg00003:RE: Korg DL8000R

199709/msg00207:failure notice

199712/msg00270:Korg DL8000R info

199712/msg00226:Re: Korg DL8000

199712/msg00217:Korg DL8000

199712/msg00275:Re: Korg DL8000R info

199712/author:(No subject)

199806/msg00098:Two lesser-known looping tools (gear alert)


199806/msg00125:Re: boomerang idea

199807/author:(No subject)

199807/msg00130:Korg AM8000R & DL8000R


199810/msg00222:Re: New Digital Sampling/Looping devices.


199811/msg00232:Korg delay/studio set-up (Was: simple looper recommendation?)

199811/msg00233:Re: simple looper recommendation?

199901/msg00482:Seeking Cross Delay...

199901/msg00045:Re: Korg DL 8000

199901/msg00182:Re: Enough Already!! and more

199901/msg00502:Re: Seeking Cross Delay...

199903/msg00199:Gear for sale or trade for Jamman

199904/msg00524:Re: EVENTIDE.

199904/msg00517:Re: EVENTIDE.

199907/msg00404:Re: New looping pedal--Line 6 DL-4 Delay Modeler.

199908/msg00321:Re: rack vs. floor multi-FX

199908/msg00165:Re: Continuous Control

199909/msg00592:RE: Korg DL8000

199909/msg00560:Korg DL8000

199909/author:(No subject)

199910/msg00372:Re: Headrush question and alternate loopers discussion...

199910/msg00022:Korg DL8000R Delay

199910/author:(No subject)

199910/msg00024:Re: Korg DL8000R Delay

199911/msg00526:Re: Symetrix 606 (harmony central)

199911/msg00479:Re: vortex memory upgrade?

199911/msg00083:Re: which echo unit?

199911/msg00469:Re: vortex memory upgrade?

199911/msg00516:FS: Symetrix 606 (harmony central)

199911/msg00480:Re: vortex memory upgrade?

199911/msg00483:Re: vortex memory upgrade?

199911/msg00682:Re: Unpopular or Misunderstood Devices

199911/msg00166:Re: alternative to Lex Vortex

199911/msg00212:Warning (was Re: Alternatives to the Vortex)

199911/msg00481:Korg DL/AM8000 info

199912/msg00044:EDP auction on eBay...

200001/msg00141:Korg AM8000R / DL8000R confusion

200001/author:(No subject)

200006/msg00588:Re: Re: TC Electronics D-TWO

200006/msg00586:Re: TC Electronics D-TWO

200006/msg00600:Re: Re: TC Electronics D-TWO

200006/msg00575:Re: TC Electronics D-TWO

200008/author:(No subject)

200008/msg00262:Korg DL8000 R

200011/msg00115:Re: R: TC Electronics

200105/author:(No subject)

200105/msg00048:Korg DL8000R

200106/msg00894:Looper for sale

200108/msg00970:EDP pseudo-multi-tracks (was Re: Conceptual "Repeater" question)

200110/msg00301:Re: stereo delay

200111/msg00839:OT: FS- Korg DL8000R Delay

200111/author:(No subject)

200112/msg00536:Re: Fs: Korg DL8000r AM8000r Reflex Sequential Drumtraks

200112/msg00550:Opps! Not my sale!

200112/author:(No subject)

200112/msg00535:Re: Fs: Korg DL8000r AM8000r Reflex Sequential Drumtraks

200112/msg00532:Fs: Korg DL8000r AM8000r Reflex Sequential Drumtraks

200201/msg00861:Re: New Yamaha looping/delay device

200201/msg00863:Re: New Yamaha looping/delay device

200201/author:(No subject)

200201/msg00435:FS: Korg DL8000R $250

200206/msg00052:Korg DL8000r delay for sale

200206/author:(No subject)

200207/msg00938:Signal flow

200211/msg00986:Manual Needed UPDATE

200211/msg00981:Manual Needed : Korg DL8000R

200211/author:(No subject)

200302/msg00947:Looper control pedals

200303/msg00052:Re: Lexicon MPX G2

200303/msg00053:Re: Spring loaded pedals

200303/msg00064:Re: Lexicon MPX G2

200303/msg00157:Re: Spring loaded pedals

200304/msg00474:Re: Expression pedals

200304/msg00002:EDP-->DL8000R MIDI clock weirdness?


200304/msg00473:Expression pedals

200304/msg00046:Re: KSP8 first's a looper, too

200305/msg00426:Re: Delay advice

200305/msg00004:Re: multi-effects

200305/msg00418:Re: Delay advice

200308/msg00361:Re: the Fiend

200308/msg01327:Re: Narrowing the field (Re: Currently available looper music webpage)

200311/msg00189:Re: LOOPING TOOLS I USE

200311/msg00145:Re: THE LOOPING TOOLS I USE

200403/msg00220:Re: need a digital delay that meets ridiculous requirements

200403/msg00222:Re: need a digital delay that meets ridiculous requirements

200403/msg00219:Re: need a digital delay that meets ridiculous requirements

200412/msg00531:korg dl8000r

200412/msg00534:Re: korg dl8000r

200412/author:(No subject)

200412/msg00538:Re: korg dl8000r

200412/msg00533:Re: korg dl8000r

200412/msg00532:Re: korg dl8000r

200501/author:(No subject)

200501/msg00152:korg dl8000r power supply

200501/msg00165:Re: korg dl8000r power supply

200503/msg00402:Re: Gear for sale

200503/msg00025:Re: manual for korg dl 8000 r

200503/msg00398:RE: Gear for sale

200503/msg00341:Gear for sale

200503/msg00448:Re: Gear for sale

200503/msg00021:Re: manual for korg dl 8000 r

200503/msg00346:Re: Gear for sale

200505/msg00819:Re: Fill my rack!

200505/msg00813:Re: Fill my rack!

200507/msg00169:korg dl8000r delay

200507/msg00168:FS: korg dl8000r delay

200507/author:(No subject)


200802/author:(No subject)

200802/msg00303:korg dl8000r power supply

201004/msg00949:other gear that does long delay like EDP?

201005/msg00037:Delay/loop pedals w "old" style time adjust

201005/msg00038:Re: Delay/loop pedals w "old" style time adjust

201005/msg00042:Re: Delay/loop pedals w "old" style time adjust

201007/msg00059:delay with slight modulation

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