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199904/msg00237:Updated Lovetone Information

199904/msg00240:Re: Updated Lovetone Information

199908/msg00563:RE: Lovetone address

200007/msg00248:Repeater = DJRND2 ?

200007/msg00314:Re: Repeater

200007/msg00301:re: Repeater

200007/msg00350:Re: New Repeater Info

200007/msg00311:Filter Queen (was RE: Repeater)

200007/msg00319:RE: Repeater

200007/msg00304:re: Repeater

200007/msg00312:Re: Repeater

200007/msg00331:Re: Repeater

200007/msg00361:Re: New Repeater Info

200007/msg00268:Re: Repeater

200007/msg00308:Re: Repeater

200007/msg00299:Re: Repeater

200007/msg00293:re: Repeater

200007/msg00236:Re: Repeater

200007/msg00245:Re Repeater

200007/msg00338:Re: New Repeater Info

200007/msg00296:Re: Repeater

200007/msg00253:Re: Re Repeater


200007/msg00300:Re: Repeater

200007/msg00305:Re: Repeater

200007/msg00294:re: Repeater

200007/msg00274:RE: Repeater

200007/msg00235:Re: Repeater

200007/author:(No subject)

200007/msg00241:Re: Repeater

200007/msg00336:Re: New Repeater Info

200007/msg00351:Re: New Repeater Info

200007/msg00335:Re: New Repeater Info

200007/msg00247:Re: Repeater

200007/msg00306:Re: Repeater

200007/msg00316:Re: Re: Repeater

200007/msg00297:Re: Repeater

200007/msg00332:New Repeater Info

200007/msg00362:Re: New Repeater Info

200007/msg00321:Re: Repeater

200007/msg00295:RE: Repeater

200007/msg00323:General edp questions

200007/msg00266:Re: Repeater

200007/msg00290:Re (2): ELECTRIX Repeater

200007/msg00337:Re: New Repeater Info

200007/msg00317:Re: Repeater

200007/msg00363:Re: New Repeater Info

200007/msg00289:Re: ELECTRIX Repeater

200007/msg00315:Re: Re: Repeater

200008/msg00703:Re: Alto Music on EDP

200008/msg00402:Re: Ztar for looping

200008/msg00052:Electrix Repeater : a fair shake of the loopy stick

200008/msg00049:Re: Lee Howard checking in with David van T.

200008/msg00652:Re: gearhoundism: cheap 'n easy samplers?

200008/msg00578:RE: Viva Electrix!

200008/msg00134:Re: CompactFlash VS SmartMedia

200008/msg00310:RE: discussion groups

200008/msg00087:Repeater vs. Echoplex

200008/msg00638:RE: Electrix Repeater Stereo Capability

200008/msg00189:RE: Roland handsonic (& battery-powered amp Q)

200008/msg00041:Re: Electrix Repeater Wish List

200008/msg00031:(LONG) Beating up on the Electrix Repeater before it even getshere.

200008/msg00122:Kim, some questions.....

200008/msg00637:Re: Query re: Electrix Repeater

200008/msg00648:RE: mature CD's

200008/msg00155:Re: Echoplex=crap for dummies

200008/msg00583:Re: Footpedals, Rampant Elitism and unsubscribe instructions.

200008/msg00060:RE: Electrix Repeater Wish List

200008/msg00133:Echoplex=crap for dummies

200008/msg00137:No Subject

200008/msg00167:Looper interfaces, (was Re: Damon, Why CF ?)

200008/msg00646:Re: Viva Electrix!

200008/msg00131:Re: Damon, Why CF ?

200008/msg00139:EDP self-QA tips?

200008/msg00074:Re: The Best Loopers

200008/msg00636:RE: Electrix Repeater Stereo Capability

200008/msg00062:RE: Electrix Repeater Wish List

200008/msg00401:Re: Ztar for looping

200008/msg00084:RE: The Best Loopers

200008/msg00040:Re: Electrix Repeater Wish List

200008/msg00647:Re: mature CD's

200008/msg00110:Re: Why CompactFlash, Damon ?

200008/msg00117:Re: Why CompactFlash, Damon ?

200008/msg00037:Re: (LONG) Beating up on the Electrix Repeater before it even gets here.

200008/msg00055:Re: xenakis and "drumming" and Jam Man

200008/msg00050:Re: xenakis and "drumming" and Jam Man

200008/msg00156:Re: Damon, Why CF ?

200008/msg00044:Re: Electrix Repeater Wish List

200008/msg00649:Re: Viva Electrix!

200008/msg00294:MIDI Data looping, a little help?

200008/msg00192:RE: Roland handsonic (& battery-powered amp Q)

200008/msg00038:Electrix Repeater Wish List

200008/msg00576:Re: Viva Electrix!

200008/msg00082:RE: The Best Loopers

200008/msg00121:Re: Repeater vs. Echoplex

200008/msg00562:Footpedals, Rampant Elitism.

200008/author:(No subject)

200008/msg00477:Fwd: Foot Control for Repeater!

200008/msg00120:Re: Why CompactFlash, Damon ?

200008/msg00564:Re: Footpedals, Rampant Elitism.

200008/msg00057:RE: Electrix Repeater Wish List

200008/msg00691:Re: Todd, Repeater is stereo

200008/msg00635:Query re: Electrix Repeater

200008/msg00048:Lee Howard checking in with David van T.

200008/msg00161:Re: Echoplex=crap for dummies

200008/msg00053:RE: Electrix Repeater Wish List

200008/msg00135:Re: Echoplex=crap for dummies

200008/msg00033:RE: (LONG) Beating up on the Electrix Repeater before it even gets here.

200008/msg00613:gearhoundism: cheap 'n easy samplers?

200008/msg00569:Re: Footpedals, Rampant Elitism and unsubscribe instructions.

200008/msg00603:Re: Viva Electrix!

200008/msg00129:Re: Damon, Why CF ?

200008/msg00046:Re: xenakis and "drumming" and Jam Man

200008/msg00584:Re: Footpedals, Rampant Elitism.

200008/msg00660:RE: Sure is quiet....

200008/msg00130:Re: Damon, Why CF ?

200008/msg00665:Re: Sure is quiet....

200008/msg00039:Re: Electrix Repeater Wish List

200008/msg00106:Why CompactFlash, Damon ?

200008/msg00566:Re: Footpedals, Rampant Elitism.

200008/msg00166:Re: Damon, Why CF ?

200008/msg00567:RE: Footpedals, Rampant Elitism and unsubscribe instructions.

200008/msg00582:Re: Viva Electrix!

200008/msg00125:Damon, Why CF ?

200008/msg00640:RE: Electrix Repeater Stereo Capability

200008/msg00061:RE: Electrix Repeater Wish List

200008/msg00138:Re: OZ gigs n FX

200008/msg00144:Re: Kim, some questions.....

200008/msg00662:Re: Sure is quiet....

200009/msg00530:Re: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00592:Re: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00109:Re: Rich's Repeater questions

200009/msg00301:Re: Am I a fool ?

200009/msg00442:*Repeater Mass Purchase*

200009/msg00474:RE: *Repeater Group Buy Update*

200009/msg00724:Re: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00521:Re: sound demos etc.

200009/msg00402:Re: Repeater Info Online


200009/msg00445:Re: Repeater Info Online

200009/msg00160:RE: loops from instruments in a classical symphony

200009/msg00726:More Spanish Spam!!...

200009/msg00433:RE: group buy?

200009/msg00170:Re: loops from instruments in a classical symphony

200009/msg00536:RE: Suggestion to the LD mailing list. (UPDATED)

200009/msg00615:Re: edp upgrade?

200009/msg00655:Re: EDP update Group Buy

200009/msg00614:Re: EDP update Group Buy

200009/msg00654:Re: edp upgrade?

200009/msg00308:Re: Am I a fool ?

200009/msg00594:RE: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00256:Re: Am I a fool ?

200009/msg00299:Re: Am I a fool ?

200009/msg00468:*Repeater Group Buy Update*

200009/msg00320:RE: Mixer Questions

200009/msg00641:Re: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00461:Re: Repeater Babble

200009/msg00434:Re: R: group buy?

200009/msg00542:Repeater cost??

200009/msg00176:RE: loops from instruments in a classical symphony

200009/msg00616:Re: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00408:RE: Repeater Info Online

200009/msg00162:RE: My experiences with the Handsonic (long, reveiw)

200009/msg00637:Re: Repeater Gang Bang

200009/msg00441:in support of conservatism

200009/msg00307:Re: Am I a fool ?

200009/msg00648:Re: Re: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00472:Re: Eventide4 S.Schreirer

200009/msg00625:The Repeater

200009/msg00583:Re: boomerang upgrade

200009/msg00398:Re: Repeater Info Online

200009/msg00423:RE: Repeater Info Online

200009/msg00650:Re: Repeater vs EDP plus a little philosophy...

200009/msg00448:Re: in support of conservatism

200009/msg00412:RE: Repeater Info Online

200009/msg00527:Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00356:Re: Repeater and foot control

200009/msg00430:Repeater Babble

200009/msg00035:OT: Cheery Charles

200009/msg00378:Re: Repeater and foot control

200009/msg00400:Re: Repeater Info Online

200009/msg00666:Re: Repeater vs EDP plus a little philosophy...

200009/msg00596:Re: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00636:Repeater vs EDP plus a little philosophy...

200009/msg00607:I: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00602:Re: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00627:Re: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00401:Re: Repeater Info Online

200009/msg00199:RE: dream box

200009/msg00506:Repeater Track Length Workaround

200009/msg00300:Re: Am I a fool ?

200009/msg00414:group buy?

200009/msg00465:Eventide4 S.Schreirer

200009/msg00437:Re: Repeater Info Online

200009/msg00354:Re: Repeater and foot control

200009/msg00280:Re: Am I a fool ?

200009/msg00598:Re: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00494:RE: Repeater and foot control feedback

200009/msg00621:Re: Looping Gig in Seattle (Tiktok), 9/24/00

200009/msg00809:Re: Akai MPC 2000 vs. EDP (echoplex)

200009/msg00416:Re: group buy?

200009/msg00373:Re: Repeater and foot control

200009/msg00649:RE: Re: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00507:Re: Repeater Track Length Workaround

200009/msg00440:Alto Music

200009/msg00457:Re: Repeater Info Online/The Year 2000

200009/msg00470:Re: *Repeater Group Buy Update*

200009/msg00404:Re: Repeater Info Online

200009/msg00540:Re: Xfade vs. zeroX / HW vs SW (was: dream box)

200009/msg00490:Re: Repeater and foot control

200009/msg00427:Re: Repeater Info Online

200009/msg00395:Repeater Info Online

200009/msg00671:Re: edp upgrade?

200009/author:(No subject)

200009/msg00329:Re: help

200009/msg00432:Re: Repeater Info Online

200009/msg00452:Re: in support of conservatism

200009/msg00346:RE: Repeater and foot control

200009/msg00618:Re: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00436:Re: Repeater Info Online

200009/msg00272:making the most of cheap equipment

200009/msg00635:Re: Repeater Gang Bang

200009/msg00543:RE: Xfade vs. zeroX / HW vs SW (was: dream box)

200009/msg00353:RE: Repeater and foot control

200009/msg00597:RE: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00668:Re: Repeater vs EDP plus a little philosophy...

200009/msg00345:RE: Help, Etc.

200009/msg00439:Re: Repeater Info Online

200009/msg00381:Re: Repeater and foot control

200009/msg00605:edp upgrade?

200009/msg00617:Re: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00298:Re: Am I a fool ?

200009/msg00523:Re: Repeater Track Length Workaround

200009/msg00431:RE: Repeater Info Online

200009/msg00487:Re: Eventide4 S.Schreirer

200009/msg00403:Re: Repeater Info Online

200009/msg00419:Re: Repeater Info Online/The Year 2000

200009/msg00480:Re: Alto Music

200009/msg00508:Repeater Sound Samples

200009/msg00417:Re: group buy?

200009/msg00613:Re: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00399:Re: Repeater Info Online


200009/msg00444:Re: in support of conservatism

200009/msg00525:Re: Repeater and foot control feedback

200009/msg00409:Re: Repeater Info Online/The Year 2000

200009/msg00264:Re: Am I a fool ?

200009/msg00376:Re: Repeater and foot control

200009/msg00332:Re: help

200009/msg00334:Re: help

200009/msg00603:Re: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00725:My suggestion, About Italo, The Spam, etc...

200009/msg00483:Repeater Vendor?

200009/msg00665:Re: Repeater vs EDP plus a little philosophy...

200009/msg00623:Re: EDP update Group Buy [Claude Voit vs. The Repeater]

200009/msg00532:RE: Eventide4 KIM

200009/msg00254:Am I a fool ?

200009/msg00108:Re: Rich's Repeater questions

200009/msg00604:Re: EDP update Group Buy

200009/msg00612:Re: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00478:Re: Repeater Info Online/The Year 2000

200009/msg00595:Re: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00290:Re: Am I a fool ?

200009/msg00447:My Offer To Our Group

200009/msg00415:RE: Repeater Info Online

200009/msg00484:Re: Repeater and foot control

200009/msg00630:Re: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00609:Re: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00582:Re: boomerang upgrade

200009/msg00481:RE: My Offer To Our Group

200009/msg00599:Re: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00620:Re: Repeater Group Buy

200009/msg00466:EVENTIDE users (Now & Future)

200009/msg00438:RE: Repeater Info

200009/msg00421:R: group buy?

200009/msg00428:RE: Repeater Info Online

200009/msg00561:Re: I have a question (regarding SP-808)

200009/msg00359:Re: Repeater and foot control

200009/msg00255:Re: Am I a fool ?

200009/msg00406:Re: Repeater Info Online

200009/msg00499:RE: Eventide4 KIM

200009/msg00467:RE: EVENTIDE users (Now & Future)

200009/msg00435:Re: Repeater.. (and

200009/msg00405:Re: Repeater Info Online

200009/msg00397:Re: Repeater Info Online

200010/msg00524:New List Member making critical equipment decisions

200010/msg00059:speaking of Echoplexes...

200010/msg00016:Re: I need a better sounding sampler than a Boomerang!

200010/msg00077:Re: speaking of Echoplexes...

200010/msg00331:Re: OT-fundamentals in sound (was singing bowls)

200010/msg00170:Re: massive arrays of loopers

200010/msg00591:RE: pedal recommendations

200010/msg00118:Re: new MIDI Looping Standard

200010/msg00293:RE: Hello ... and repeater info

200010/msg00476:Repeater group buy ?

200010/msg00194:Re: New Guy

200010/msg00014:Re: I need a better sounding sampler than a Boomerang!

200010/msg00158:Re: Newbie to the list

200010/msg00378:looping in Dallas

200010/msg00505:RE: creative mixing

200010/msg00063:Re: speaking waggishly of Echoplexes...

200010/msg00199:Performance setup

200010/msg00037:The Repeater-offer?

200010/msg00354:Re: OT:Singing bowl measurements

200010/msg00038:Re: The Repeater-offer?

200010/author:(No subject)

200010/msg00017:Re: I need a better sounding sampler than a Boomerang!

200010/msg00178:New Guy

200010/msg00355:Re: OT:Singing bowl measurements

200010/msg00197:Re: New Guy

200010/msg00379:Re: looping in Dallas

200010/msg00061:Re: speaking waggishly of Echoplexes...

200010/msg00157:Newbie to the list

200010/msg00561:pedal recommendations

200010/msg00380:RE: looping in Dallas

200010/msg00292:Hello ... and repeater info

200010/msg00446:Re: Help looking Guitar Processor

200010/msg00520:RE: creative mixing

200011/msg00149:Re: Repeater questions

200011/msg00187:Re: Repeater ship date

200011/msg00109:Repeater Price.

200011/msg00164:RE: Repeater ship date

200011/msg00180:RE: Repeater ship date

200011/msg00059:Repeater group buy - correction

200011/msg00028:Re: Repeater availability and price

200011/msg00184:Re: Repeater ship date

200011/msg00193:RE: Repeater power supply

200011/msg00016:Repeater Out Yet?

200011/msg00065:Re: Repeater Foot controller?

200011/msg00200:RE: The dirty Job

200011/msg00160:RE: Repeater ship date

200011/msg00239:RE: Repeater question 4 DAMON

200011/msg00013:Re: Jam Man for sale

200011/msg00256:Damon! How many rack spaces is the repeater?

200011/msg00094:Re: Repeater price

200011/msg00168:Re: Repeater ship date

200011/msg00088:Re: Repeater price

200011/msg00183:Re: Repeater ship date

200011/msg00127:Re: Repeater price

200011/msg00189:RE: Repeater power supply

200011/msg00122:Repeater street date ?

200011/msg00162:RE: Repeater ship date

200011/msg00155:Re: Repeater questions

200011/msg00073:REPEATER FEVER !!!

200011/msg00092:Re: Repeater price {OT}

200011/msg00196:Re: Repeater ship date

200011/msg00133:Re: Repeater price/ Price fixing.

200011/msg00194:this repeater thing

200011/msg00111:Repeater price.

200011/msg00137:Re: Repeater (what is it?)

200011/msg00167:Re: Repeater ship date

200011/msg00190:Re: Repeater ship date

200011/msg00154:Re: Repeater questions

200011/msg00045:RE: Repeater manual?

200011/msg00096:Re: Repeater price {OT}

200011/msg00158:Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V00 #367

200011/msg00201:Re: The dirty Job

200011/msg00035:Repeater manual?

200011/msg00228:Re: looping question

200011/msg00083:RE: Repeater price

200011/msg00240:RE: Repeater question 4 DAMON

200011/msg00062:Repeater Foot controller?

200011/msg00275:Re: another Repeater size question

200011/msg00199:Re: The dirty Job

200011/msg00173:Re: Repeater ship date

200011/msg00234:RE: Repeater question 4 DAMON

200011/msg00177:Re: I'm back

200011/msg00072:Re: Repeater Foot controller?


200011/msg00232:RE: Repeater question 4 DAMON

200011/msg00050:RE: Repeater manual?

200011/msg00246:Quadraphonic Looper?

200011/msg00220:Re: looping question

200011/msg00218:Australian Repeater Price.

200011/msg00221:Re: looping question

200011/msg00424:Re: OT RE: When??

200011/msg00156:RE: Repeater questions

200011/msg00044:midi in looping ?

200011/msg00112:Re: Repeater Price.

200011/msg00171:RE: Repeater ship date

200011/msg00427:WOT Toto, we're not in Gattaca any more - was RE: OT RE: When??

200011/author:(No subject)

200011/msg00205:RE: The dirty Job

200011/msg00204:Re: hmmmmmmmmm

200011/msg00179:Repeater sample start

200011/msg00070:Re: Repeater Foot controller?

200011/msg00017:Repeater availability and price

200011/msg00272:another Repeater size question

200011/msg00178:RE: Repeater ship date

200011/msg00188:RE: Repeater power supply

200011/msg00278:RE: another Repeater size question

200011/msg00018:RE: Repeater availability and price

200011/msg00247:RE: Repeater question 4 DAMON

200011/msg00152:RE: Repeater questions

200011/msg00233:RE: Repeater question 4 DAMON

200011/msg00161:Re: Repeater ship date

200011/msg00090:Re: Repeater price

200011/msg00249:RE: Quadraphonic Looper?

200011/msg00174:I'm back

200011/msg00419:Re: When??

200011/msg00024:Re: Repeater Out Yet?

200011/msg00175:Re: Repeater ship date

200011/msg00277:RE: Another Repeater question (Foot controllers)

200011/msg00181:RE: Repeater ship date

200011/msg00129:Re: Repeater price/ Price fixing.

200011/msg00260:Another Repeater question (Foot controllers)

200011/msg00101:Re: Repeater price {OT}

200011/msg00043:Repeater info

200011/msg00166:Re: Repeater ship date

200011/msg00163:RE: Repeater ship date

200011/msg00182:RE: Repeater sample start

200011/msg00212:RE: The dirty Job

200011/msg00099:Re: Repeater price {OT}

200011/msg00215:Repeater question 4 DAMON

200011/msg00172:Anticipation (was Repeater ship date)

200011/msg00138:Re: Repeater (what is it?)

200011/msg00421:Re: OT RE: When??

200011/msg00144:Repeater questions

200011/msg00428:RE: WOT Toto, we're not in Gattaca any more - was RE: OT RE: When??

200011/msg00100:Re: Repeater price {OT}

200011/msg00257:Re: Damon! How many rack spaces is the repeater?

200011/msg00209:RE: The dirty Job

200011/msg00151:RE: Repeater questions

200012/msg00109:Re: RE:Repeater update...

200012/msg00086:Re: To kim flint RE:Repeater update

200012/msg00164:RE: PERCUSSION LOOPER

200012/msg00056:Repeater Most Desireable

200012/msg00098:Re: To kim flint RE:Repeater update...

200012/msg00364:RE: Repeater hype evaporates

200012/msg00094:Re: please send me a 'repeater' link for product information ...

200012/msg00168:Re: PERCUSSION LOOPER

200012/msg00352:Repeater hype evaporates

200012/msg00111:Re: RE:Repeater update...

200012/msg00356:Re: Repeater hype evaporates

200012/msg00045:EDP Debrief

200012/msg00097:Re: To kim flint RE:Repeater update...

200012/msg00102:My Looper Can Beat Up Your Looper

200012/msg00501:RE: Oberheim echoplex

200012/msg00177:Repeater function question

200012/msg00055:Repeater update

200012/msg00095:To kim flint RE:Repeater update...


200012/msg00192:Women in live looping and Producing Live Solo Looping Shows

200012/msg00112:RE:Repeater update...

200012/author:(No subject)

200012/msg00057:Re: Repeater update

200012/msg00079:To kim flint RE:Repeater update

200012/msg00091:please send me a 'repeater' link for product information ...

200012/msg00355:Re: Repeater hype evaporates

200012/msg00046:Re: EDP Debrief

200012/msg00058:Re: Repeater update

200012/msg00165:Re: PERCUSSION LOOPER

200012/msg00106:RE:Repeater update...

200012/msg00166:Re: PERCUSSION LOOPER

200012/msg00182:RE: Repeater function question

200012/msg00061:RE: Repeater update

200012/msg00100:Re: To kim flint RE:Repeater update...

200101/msg00592:Group buy of Electrix Reapeater?

200101/msg01003:RE: Using Repeater (was RE: Repeater NAMM Demo)


200101/msg00391:Re: repeater...

200101/msg00708:Re: Repeater spotted!

200101/msg01005:Re: Using Repeater (was RE: Repeater NAMM Demo)

200101/msg00103:elecrix looper

200101/msg00628:Re: R: FORGET REPEATER!!!


200101/msg00184:RE: stereo...

200101/msg00940:RE: echoplex and jamman

200101/msg00932:RE: Repeater NAMM Demo

200101/msg00606:crystal balls, software development, product reps & repeater

200101/msg01040:Digitech FS-300 footswitch for Repeater

200101/msg00726:Re: new "radiaL" from Cycling '74

200101/msg00969:Re: Repeater NAMM Demo

200101/msg00571:Repeater spotted!

200101/msg00631:mistakes, lies and Repeater

200101/msg00608:Re: Repeater spotted!

200101/msg00615:R: FORGET REPEATER!!!

200101/msg00986:Re: Using Repeater (was RE: Repeater NAMM Demo)

200101/msg00268:Re: Headrush vs. DL4

200101/msg00614:Re: FORGET REPEATER!!!

200101/msg01038:Re: Repeater feature set ... and EDP

200101/msg01126:Re: OT: Integrity of Performance and the Sample

200101/msg00638:Re: crystal balls, software development, product reps & repeater

200101/msg01024:Repeater feature set ... and EDP

200101/msg00461:Re: Critiquing the critics (was: Re: Responding to "gig spam")

200101/msg01115:9 disks

200101/msg00011:Re: Repeater?

200101/msg00104:Re: elecrix looper

200101/msg00616:R: Repeater spotted!

200101/msg00797:Re: Any More Info on New BOSS Looping pedal

200101/msg01067:Re: Repeater NAMM Demo

200101/msg00944:Repeater Video

200101/msg01044:Re: Repeater

200101/msg01011:RE: Using Repeater (was RE: Repeater NAMM Demo)

200101/msg00637:RE: mistakes, lies and Repeater

200101/msg00625:Re: FORGET REPEATER!!!

200101/msg01053:re: Repeater

200101/msg00963:Re: Repeater NAMM Demo

200101/msg00781:RE: RE: RE: Repeater

200101/msg00634:Re: Repeater spotted!

200101/msg00137:Re: NAMM Attendees

200101/msg01025:Re: Repeater feature set ... and EDP

200101/msg00288:Re: Headrush vs. DL4

200101/msg00976:RE: Repeater NAMM Demo

200101/msg00610:FORGET REPEATER!!!

200101/msg00928:Repeater NAMM Demo

200101/msg01121:Re: Integrity of Performance and the Sample


200101/msg00643:Re: R: FORGET REPEATER!!!

200101/msg00577:Loopers with Midi clock capabilities

200101/msg00253:Re: SsTtEeRrEeOo EDP SsYyNnCc issues......

200101/msg00955:RE: Repeater NAMM Demo

200101/msg00994:Re: How to place Looper in audio path?

200101/msg00596:RE: Repeater spotted!

200101/msg01004:RE: Using Repeater (was RE: Repeater NAMM Demo)

200101/msg00636:Re: crystal balls, software development, product reps & repeater

200101/msg00746:Re: OT: Fender at NAMM?

200101/msg00607:Re: crystal balls, software development, product reps & repeater

200101/msg00954:Re: Repeater NAMM Demo

200101/msg00173:RE: stereo...

200101/msg01015:Re: Using Repeater (was RE: Repeater NAMM Demo)

200101/msg00893:Re: Bring me up to speed


200101/msg00717:RE: new "radiaL" from Cycling '74

200101/msg00985:Using Repeater (was RE: Repeater NAMM Demo)

200101/msg01022:Re: Repeater

200101/msg00012:RE: Repeater?

200101/msg00970:Re: How to place Looper in audio path?

200101/msg00469:Re: repeater...

200101/msg00050:Re: looping tips and tricks 2001

200101/msg00585:Re: Repeater spotted!

200101/msg00621:RE: FORGET REPEATER!!!

200101/msg00416:Re: repeater...

200101/msg00975:Re: Repeater NAMM Demo

200101/msg00294:RE: Headrush vs. DL4

200101/msg00629:Re: FORGET REPEATER

200101/msg01088:OT: Integrity of Performance and the Sample

200101/msg00440:Echoplex vs. Electrix Repeater

200101/msg01030:Re: Repeater feature set ... and EDP

200101/msg00404:RE: SoundDiver

200101/msg00947:RE: Repeater NAMM Demo

200101/msg00395:Re: repeater...

200101/msg00933:RE: echoplex and jamman

200101/author:(No subject)

200101/msg00979:RE: How to place Looper in audio path?

200101/msg00179:RE: stereo...

200101/msg00326:Re: Jamman + Footswitch

200101/msg01017:RE: Using Repeater (was RE: Repeater NAMM Demo)

200101/msg01050:Repeater, EDP, Jamman

200101/msg00995:Re: Using Repeater (was RE: Repeater NAMM Demo)

200101/msg00618:Echoplex Positively Spotted

200101/msg00272:Re: no-frills loopers? Boomerang competition?

200101/msg00675:native instruments spektral delay

200101/msg00943:Re: Repeater/EDP

200101/msg01077:Re: Repeater feature set ... and EDP

200101/msg00967:How to place Looper in audio path?

200101/msg01075:Re: Repeater NAMM Demo

200101/msg00951:Best location in signal chain for Looping?

200101/msg00948:RE: Repeater NAMM Demo

200101/msg00202:Re: Seeking enlightenment

200101/msg00605:Re: Future Repeater Users Manifesto (was Re: Repeater spotted!

200101/msg00949:RE: Repeater NAMM Demo

200101/msg00617:Re: FORGET REPEATER!!!

200101/msg00923:Re: Line 6 DL4

200101/msg01033:Re: Repeater feature set ... and EDP

200101/msg01069:Re: Repeater NAMM Demo

200101/msg00291:RE: Headrush vs. DL4

200101/msg00716:Re: new "radiaL" from Cycling '74

200101/msg01035:Re: Repeater feature set ... and EDP

200101/msg01068:Re: Repeater NAMM Demo

200101/msg00974:RE: How to place Looper in audio path?

200101/msg00417:Re: repeater...

200101/msg00613:Re: FORGET REPEATER!!!

200101/msg01018:RE: Using Repeater (was RE: Repeater NAMM Demo)

200101/msg01010:RE: Using Repeater (was RE: Repeater NAMM Demo)

200101/msg00548:RE: repeater...

200101/msg00389:Re: repeater...

200101/msg00656:Re: crystal balls and looper fixes

200101/msg00444:Echoplex sighting

200101/msg00847:RE: Sync (was Re: Any More Info on New BOSS Looping pedal)

200101/msg00633:Re: Future Repeater Users Manifesto (was Re: Repeater spotted!

200101/msg00376:Re: repeater...

200101/msg00334:taking a loop apart

200101/msg00603:Future Repeater Users Manifesto (was Re: Repeater spotted!

200101/msg01013:RE: Using Repeater (was RE: Repeater NAMM Demo)

200101/msg00589:Re: Repeater spotted!

200101/msg00733:transporting effects safely


200101/msg00660:Re: crystal balls, software development, product reps & repeater

200101/msg00130:OT: NAMM Attendees

200101/msg00977:Repeater Demo sound

200101/msg00623:crystal balls and looper fixes

200101/msg00930:RE: Repeater NAMM Demo

200101/msg00165:Re: stereo...

200101/msg00604:Re: Repeater spotted!

200101/msg00612:Re: Repeater spotted!

200101/msg00595:Repeater in March??? (was Group buy of Electrix Reapeater?)

200101/msg00290:Re: Headrush vs. DL4

200101/msg00600:Re: Repeater spotted!

200101/msg00956:RE: Repeater NAMM Demo

200101/msg00166:Re: stereo...

200101/msg00971:RE: Repeater NAMM Demo

200101/msg00630:RE: FORGET REPEATER

200101/msg00609:Re: Repeater spotted!

200101/msg01026:Re: Repeater feature set ... and EDP

200101/msg00677:That pesky repeater!

200101/msg00991:Re: Using Repeater (was RE: Repeater NAMM Demo)

200101/msg01066:Re: Repeater NAMM Demo

200101/msg01136:RE: Repeater Demo's

200101/msg00789:Re: Any More Info on New BOSS Looping pedal


200101/msg00289:Re: Headrush vs. DL4

200101/msg00620:Re: FORGET REPEATER!!!

200101/msg00138:Re: stereo...

200101/msg00421:RE: repeater...

200101/msg00945:Re: 'Plex for sale


200101/msg00639:Repeater Delay

200101/msg00756:Re: transporting effects safely

200101/msg00292:RE: Headrush vs. DL4

200101/msg01008:RE: Using Repeater (was RE: Repeater NAMM Demo)

200101/msg00744:Re: OT: Fender at NAMM?

200101/msg00547:Re: repeater...

200101/msg01039:RE: Repeater NAMM Demo

200102/msg00149:CFC Price for Repeaters


200102/msg00751:On Topic (!): JamMan-like units

200102/msg00851:Re: Boomerang vs. Repeater

200102/msg00109:Re: Comparisons of EDP to Repeater

200102/msg00248:RE: Repeater memory

200102/msg00301:Re: Repeater and EDP

200102/msg00750:Re: In/Out, Labeling, Media Intelligencia, and other things...

200102/msg00896:Re: Boomerang vs. Repeater

200102/msg00632:Re: experience with group buys and repeater

200102/msg00909:Bugs and waiting

200102/msg00001:RE: Repeater Demo's

200102/msg00311:Re: Repeater and EDP

200102/msg00869:repeater loop multiply limitation?

200102/msg00180:Re: CMC with Repeater and break music

200102/msg00628:Re: Echoplex and Jamman for sale

200102/msg00302:RE: Repeater and EDP

200102/msg00771:Re: that AABA thing; inherent probs in looping

200102/msg00828:Re: Boomerang vs. Repeater

200102/msg00882:RE: repeater loop multiply limitation?


200102/msg00013:Cheating (was: Turn All That S**t Off)

200102/msg00619:experience with group buys and repeater

200102/msg00767:Re: look: it's every on-topic!

200102/msg00631:RE: experience with group buys and repeater

200102/msg00591:Re: Echoplex and Jamman for sale

200102/msg00308:Re: Repeater and EDP

200102/msg00299:RE: Repeater memory

200102/msg00088:RE: Comparisons of EDP to Repeater

200102/msg00868:Re: Boomerang vs. Repeater


200102/msg00475:Repeater.. ballpark figure?

200102/msg00797:Re: repeater

200102/msg00236:Re: repeater question

200102/msg00237:Re: simultaneous, multiple-length loops

200102/msg00245:Re: simultaneous, multiple-length loops

200102/msg00863:RE: Repeater concepts

200102/msg00637:Re: experience with group buys and repeater

200102/msg00625:Re: experience with group buys and repeater

200102/msg00073:Re: 9 disks

200102/msg00574:Echoplex and Jamman for sale

200102/msg00829:Re: Boomerang vs. Repeater

200102/msg00060:RE: Repeater memory (& Suggestions for more demos)

200102/msg00852:Re: Boomerang vs. Repeater

200102/msg00916:Re: Repeater concepts

200102/msg00512:Re: Gear suggestions - re: Lexicon Vortex

200102/msg00133:Re: Cheating (was: Turn All That S**t Off)

200102/msg00497:Re: delay unit for bass

200102/msg00845:Re: Boomerang vs. Repeater

200102/msg00251:Fwd: RE: Repeater Question (as if you don't get enough of those)

200102/msg00284:Re: Repeater and EDP

200102/msg00803:Re: Electrix Repeater group buy

200102/msg00748:Re: In/Out, Labeling, Media Intelligencia, and other things...

200102/msg00083:Comparisons of EDP to Repeater

200102/msg00296:R: Repeater and EDP

200102/msg00240:Re: repeater question

200102/msg00146:RE: Line 6 DL4 - the Delays

200102/msg00007:New Desert Island Challenge!


200102/msg00253:Re: simultaneous, multiple-length loops

200102/msg00313:Re: Repeater

200102/msg00827:Boomerang vs. Repeater

200102/msg00955:Re: EDP MIDI sync problem

200102/msg00075:RE: 9 disks

200102/msg00954:Re: EDP MIDI sync problem

200102/msg00855:Re: Looper Construction Kit (was Re: 1U PC for Kyma)

200102/msg00285:Re: Repeater and EDP

200102/msg00084:Re: Comparisons of EDP to Repeater

200102/msg00234:repeater question

200102/msg00300:Re: repeater question

200102/msg00414:Repeater availability

200102/msg00830:Re: Boomerang vs. Repeater

200102/msg00437:Gear suggestions - re: Lexicon Vortex

200102/msg00624:Re: experience with group buys and repeater

200102/msg00545:Re: Electrix

200102/msg00305:Re: repeater question

200102/msg00889:Electrix interfaces (was: Boomerang vs. Repeater)

200102/msg00799:RE: repeater

200102/msg00055:RE: Repeater memory (& Suggestions for more demos)

200102/msg00232:RE: Repeater memory

200102/msg00000:RE: Repeater Demo's


200102/msg00931:RE: repeater loop multiply limitation?

200102/msg00095:RE: Comparisons of EDP to Repeater

200102/msg00246:RE: Repeater memory

200102/msg00849:Re: look: it's every on-topic!

200102/msg00900:RE: repeater loop multiply limitation?

200102/msg00126:Re: How to place Looper in audio path?

200102/msg00814:Repeater concepts

200102/msg00156:Re: CFC Price for Repeaters

200102/msg00629:Re: experience with group buys and repeater

200102/msg00880:RE: repeater loop multiply limitation?

200102/msg00550:Re: Electrix

200102/msg00038:Re: Cheating (was: Turn All That S**t Off)

200102/msg00576:Re: Liebig show/ Wonder Spray

200102/msg00235:Re: repeater question

200102/msg00947:Re: EDP MIDI sync problem

200102/author:(No subject)

200102/msg00872:Re: Boomerang vs. Repeater

200102/msg00227:RE: Repeater memory

200102/msg00179:RE: Repeater memory

200102/msg00017:Re: Cheating (was: Turn All That S**t Off)

200102/msg00635:Re: experience with group buys and repeater

200102/msg00355:Re: european loopers

200102/msg00283:Re: Repeater and EDP

200102/msg00247:RE: Repeater memory

200102/msg00769:OT: Laptop Soundcards Query for loopbased music

200102/msg00749:Re: In/Out, Labeling, Media Intelligencia, and other things...

200102/msg00152:Re: CFC Price for Repeaters

200102/msg00233:RE: Repeater memory

200102/msg00949:Re: EDP MIDI sync problem

200102/msg00306:Re: Repeater and EDP

200102/msg00298:Re: Repeater and EDP

200102/msg00019:Re: Cheating (was: Turn All That S**t Off)

200102/msg00888:Re: Line6 DL4

200102/msg00912:Re: Repeater concepts

200102/msg00291:Re: Repeater and EDP


200102/msg00394:Re: repeater question

200102/msg00242:Re: repeater question/Record-Overdub?

200102/msg00297:Re: Repeater and EDP

200102/msg00898:RE: Boomerang vs. Repeater

200102/msg00904:Re: Repeater concepts

200102/msg00798:RE: repeater

200102/msg00719:Re: repeater

200102/msg00261:RE: Repeater memory

200102/msg00919:RE: Repeater concepts

200102/msg00399:RE: simultaneous, multiple-length loops

200102/msg00860:Re: Boomerang vs. Repeater

200102/msg00857:Re: Line6 DL4

200102/msg00231:Re: Repeater memory

200102/msg00897:Re: Boomerang vs. Repeater

200102/msg00210:Re: simultaneous, multiple-length loops

200102/msg00765:Unwieldy JamMan AABA

200102/msg00718:Re: repeater

200102/msg00881:RE: repeater loop multiply limitation?

200102/msg00058:Re: Cheating (was: Turn All That S**t Off)

200102/msg00286:Re: Repeater and EDP

200102/msg00150:Re: CFC Price for Repeaters

200102/msg00623:Re: experience with group buys and repeater

200102/msg00254:RE: RE: Repeater Question (as if you don't get enough of those)

200102/msg00802:Re: In/Out, Labeling, Media Intelligencia, and other things...

200102/msg00266:RE: Repeater memory

200102/msg00864:Re: Boomerang vs. Repeater

200102/msg00290:Re: Repeater and EDP

200102/msg00005:Repeater memory (& Suggestions for more demos)

200102/msg00913:Re: Repeater concepts

200102/msg00337:R: Repeater controller

200102/msg00166:CMC with Repeater and break music

200102/msg00020:RE: Repeater Demo's

200102/msg00582:Re: Echoplex and Jamman for sale

200102/msg00867:Re: Boomerang vs. Repeater

200102/msg00282:Repeater and EDP

200102/msg00958:a trick

200102/msg00207:simultaneous, multiple-length loops

200102/msg00858:Re: Boomerang vs. Repeater

200102/msg00287:Re: Repeater and EDP

200102/msg00225:RE: Repeater memory

200102/msg00026:RE: Repeater Demo's

200102/msg00023:RE: Repeater Demo's

200102/msg00230:Re: Repeater memory

200102/msg00884:Re: Jimi

200102/msg00255:RE: RE: Repeater Question (as if you don't get enough of those)

200102/msg00879:RE: Boomerang vs. Repeater

200102/msg00800:RE: Repeater

200102/msg00303:RE: Repeater and EDP

200102/msg00151:Re: CFC Price for Repeaters

200103/msg00054:Re: EDP input/output gain & distortion problems

200103/msg00454:Re: Repeater Update

200103/msg00314:Re: Repeater Uses Note On

200103/msg00301:Repeater MIDI Limitations

200103/msg00324:Re: MIDI Solutions Remapping (was: Repeater Uses Note On)

200103/msg00311:Re: Repeater Uses Note On

200103/msg00474:Re: Endless Repeater Updates...

200103/msg00304:Re: Repeater Uses Note On

200103/msg00302:Repeater Uses Note On

200103/msg00049:Re: EDP input/output gain & distortion problems


200103/msg00588:Repeater grouse

200103/msg00032:Re: Introduction (long)

200103/msg00433:New boxes from Pefftronics?

200103/msg00310:Re: Repeater Uses Note On

200103/msg00328:RE: MIDI Solutions Remapping (was: Repeater Uses Note On)

200103/msg00468:Re: Repeater Update

200103/msg00456:Re: Repeater Update

200103/msg00461:Repeater Delay

200103/msg00011:Re: EDP MIDI sync problem

200103/msg00539:Re: Elektros Againinator

200103/msg00476:Re: Endless Repeater Updates...

200103/msg00122:Re: Digitech 2120 and looping (Belewps)

200103/msg00307:Re: Repeater Uses Note On

200103/msg00479:Re: Repeater Vaporware????

200103/msg00472:Endless Repeater Updates...

200103/msg00010:fdbk control/dt goes astray, again.....

200103/msg00492:Re: new moog machine (was) Repeater Update

200103/msg00153:Repeater beta ships!

200103/msg00511:Re: Endless Repeater Updates...

200103/msg00473:Re: Endless Repeater Updates...

200103/msg00075:Re: EDP plus GR-33 set up

200103/msg00463:Re: Repeater Delay

200103/msg00465:Re: Repeater Update

200103/msg00072:Re: EDP Undo Function

200103/msg00322:MIDI Solutions Remapping (was: Repeater Uses Note On)

200103/msg00469:Re: Repeater Update

200103/msg00494:Re: new moog machine (was) Repeater Update

200103/msg00221:Re: Digital loops? slightly O.T.

200103/msg00067:Re: EDP input/output gain & distortion problems

200103/msg00038:Re: thanks dt

200103/msg00470:Re: Repeater Update

200103/msg00082:Re: EDP input/output gain & distortion problems

200103/author:(No subject)

200103/msg00477:Re: Repeater Update - Get over it!

200103/msg00276:Loop Recording and Loading

200103/msg00119:Armatron Sound Laboratory Spring Cleaning Sale

200103/msg00564:Re: Introduction

200103/msg00452:Repeater Update

200103/msg00346:THANKING TO NYC (after shopping)

200103/msg00538:Re: Elektros Againinator

200103/msg00568:Re: Elektros Againinator

200103/msg00053:Re: EDP input/output gain & distortion problems

200103/msg00316:Re: Repeater MIDI Implementation

200103/msg00462:Re: Repeater Delay

200103/msg00403:Re: fretless, gratitude- recommended loop box?

200103/msg00480:RE: Repeater Update - Get over it!


200103/msg00024:Introduction (long)

200103/msg00685:RE: Echoplex/Boomerang/Repeater...

200103/msg00471:Re: Repeater Update

200103/msg00332:RE: MIDI Solutions Remapping (was: Repeater Uses Note On)

200103/msg00277:Re: Loop Recording and Loading

200103/msg00493:RE: Elektros Againinator

200103/msg00208:Digital loops? slightly O.T.

200103/msg00046:Re: EDP input/output gain & distortion problems

200103/msg00510:Re: Endless Repeater Updates...

200103/msg00058:Re: EDP input/output gain & distortion problems

200103/msg00483:Re: Repeater Update

200103/msg00478:Re: Endless Repeater Updates...

200103/msg00460:Re: Repeater Update

200103/msg00484:Re: Repeater Update

200103/msg00212:REPEATER at MusikMesse

200103/msg00481:Self Regulation...

200103/msg00466:Re: Repeater Update

200103/msg00315:Re: Repeater Uses Note On

200103/msg00453:Re: Repeater Update

200103/msg00467:Re: Repeater Update

200103/msg00303:Re: Repeater Uses Note On

200104/msg00086:Re: Electrix repeater

200104/msg00258:Re: Electrix (NOT Repeater) question

200104/msg00065:OT: My set-up (was: 'Rang? EDP? 01V?)

200104/msg00032:Re: Electrix repeater

200104/msg00413:Re: Italian Cycloops

200104/msg00328:Re: Anyone interested in a jam man?

200104/msg00429:Re: mega-ultra cassette player - does such a thing exist?

200104/msg00093:Re: Electrix repeater

200104/msg00236:Re: Electrix (NOT Repeater) question

200104/msg00479:Re: Thank you Dennis Leas...

200104/msg00073:Re: Electrix repeater

200104/msg00356:Re: NEW PLUG-IN

200104/msg00069:Re: Electrix repeater

200104/msg00035:Re: Electrix repeater - Please Not Again!

200104/msg00443:Re: Italian Cycloops

200104/msg00378:Re: Anyone interested in a jam man?

200104/msg00420:Re: Italian Cycloops

200104/msg00515:Unofficial voluntary loopfest sponsoring

200104/msg00414:Re: Italian Cycloops

200104/msg00080:Re: Electrix repeater

200104/msg00071:Re: Electrix repeater

200104/msg00034:Re: Boomerang, what do you guys think ????

200104/msg00067:Re: Electrix repeater

200104/msg00044:RE: Electrix repeater

200104/msg00235:Electrix (NOT Repeater) question

200104/author:(No subject)

200104/msg00188:Re: looping mechanisms

200104/msg00355:Re: NEW PLUG-IN

200104/msg00353:Re: Boss RC-20 Loop Station

200104/msg00439:Re: Italian Cycloops

200104/msg00419:Re: Italian Cycloops

200104/msg00033:Boomerang, what do you guys think ????

200104/msg00392:Re: loop structure idea

200104/msg00409:Re: Italian Cycloops

200104/msg00376:Re: Anyone interested in a jam man?

200104/msg00375:Re: Boss RC-20 Loop Station

200104/msg00330:Live looping newbie...

200104/msg00337:Re: Live looping newbie...

200104/msg00163:Here's something you can't buy yet, to go with the Repeater you don't have yet!

200104/msg00415:Re: Italian Cycloops

200104/msg00370:Re: Anyone interested in a jam man?

200104/msg00026:Electrix repeater

200104/msg00257:Re: Electrix (NOT Repeater) question

200104/msg00520:Re: Budget filters stupid name

200104/msg00397:Re: Newbie needs help with his sampling scenario

200105/msg00149:Re: DL4 problems

200105/msg00187:Re: Repeater and on... and on... and on...

200105/msg00474:Re: playing w/ dj's: a playlist is not a song

200105/msg00164:RE: Repeater in Oz

200105/msg00391:Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00270:Re: Boomerang----->alesis air-synth

200105/msg00180:Re: Repeater

200105/msg00402:Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00184:Re: Repeater and on... and on... and on...

200105/msg00203:Re:Does the repeater really exist?

200105/msg00673:RE: More EDP questions for Andy

200105/msg00200:Re: Repeater

200105/msg00578:RE: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00160:Re: Repeater

200105/msg00581:RE: Repeater Demo in Marin!


200105/msg00238:Re: Repeater

200105/msg00372:feedback loops (was RE: repeater)

200105/msg00168:Re: Repeater

200105/msg00183:Re: Repeater and on... and on... and on...

200105/msg00229:Re: Boomerang

200105/msg00339:Re: Repeater in San Rafael

200105/msg00189:Re:Does the repeater really exist?

200105/msg00236:Re: Repeater

200105/msg00237:Re: Repeater

200105/msg00669:Boss Loop Sampler RC 20?

200105/msg00696:RE: More EDP questions for Andy

200105/msg00338:Repeater in San Rafael

200105/msg00347:Re: Repeater in San Rafael

200105/msg00167:RE: Repeater in Oz

200105/msg00190:Re: Repeater

200105/msg00228:Re: Boomerang

200105/msg00366:Re: repeater

200105/msg00511:What the Repeater makes me long for in my EDP


200105/msg00145:Re: DL4 problems

200105/msg00400:Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00666:RE: More EDP questions for Andy

200105/msg00401:Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00199:Re: Repeater

200105/msg00414:Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00371:Re: repeater

200105/msg00545:Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00177:Re: Repeater


200105/msg00369:Re: repeater

200105/msg00186:Re: Repeater

200105/msg00156:Re:DL4 problems

200105/msg00373:Re: repeater

200105/msg00507:Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00404:RE: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00490:Re: playing w/ dj's: a playlist is not a song

200105/msg00222:Re: Re:DL4 problems

200105/msg00671:Re: Boss Loop Sampler RC 20?

200105/author:(No subject)

200105/msg00205:Re: Does the repeater really exist?

200105/msg00241:Re: Boomerang----->alesis air-synth

200105/msg00142:RE: DL4 problems

200105/msg00346:Re: Repeater in San Rafael

200105/msg00244:re: DL 4 modeller problems

200105/msg00393:Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00178:Re: Repeater

200105/msg00188:Re:Does the repeater really exist?

200105/msg00668:Re: More EDP questions for Andy

200105/msg00345:Re: Repeater in San Rafael

200105/msg00568:RE: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00202:Re:DL4 problems

200105/msg00368:RE: repeater

200105/msg00579:RE: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00403:Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00419:Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00480:Re: playing w/ dj's: a playlist is not a song

200105/msg00399:Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00064:Boss RC-20 user review on Harmony Central

200105/msg00471:Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00175:Re: Repeater

200105/msg00362:Re: repeater

200105/msg00375:Re: playing w/ dj's

200105/msg00396:Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00584:RE: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00510:Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00483:Re: playing w/ dj's: a playlist is not a song

200105/msg00185:Re: Repeater and on... and on... and on...

200105/msg00150:Fw: DL4 problems

200105/msg00165:RE: Repeater in Oz

200105/msg00166:RE: Repeater

200105/msg00163:RE: Repeater

200105/msg00182:Repeater demo in Marin Co. CA.

200105/msg00484:Re: playing w/ dj's: a playlist is not a song

200105/msg00481:Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00580:Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00640:Re: a couple of quickie questions...

200105/msg00172:Re:DL4 problems

200105/msg00365:Re: repeater

200105/msg00502:Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00157:Re:DL4 problems

200105/msg00561:RE: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200105/msg00380:Re: playing w/ dj's

200105/msg00405:Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!

200106/msg00712:Re: Repeater Quad Looping?

200106/msg00908:Re: electrix stuff and indulge me

200106/msg00909:OT: Electrix forum created on Delphi

200106/msg00822:Re: Repeater?EDP?Boss?

200106/msg00211:Re: goodbye, old friend

200106/msg00128:Re: Electrix going out of business?

200106/msg00103:Re: Newbie Guitarist :RC-20, Boomerang and Echoplex Digital Pro


200106/msg00521:Re: [GIG] NYON CH Claude Voit & Matthias Grob [Chill outGardenParty 2]


200106/msg00028:Re: repeater

200106/msg00052:Re: Electrix? Repeater?

200106/msg00890:Re: off topic--indulge me please

200106/msg00226:Re: Electrix Repeater website update

200106/msg00193:Re: Repeater Delay again?

200106/msg00239:Newbie multiple loop playing question....

200106/msg00077:Re: Electrix? Repeater?

200106/msg00619:Re: Repeater Quad Looping?

200106/msg00495:Re: [GIG] NYON CH Claude Voit & Matthias Grob [Chill outGardenParty 2]

200106/msg01065:RE: first la loop feste

200106/msg00299:Re: Electrix

200106/msg00238:RE: Electrix

200106/msg00267:Re: Electrix

200106/msg00352:Re: Behringer

200106/msg01078:Re: I want an EDP right?

200106/msg00237:RE: Electrix

200106/msg00041:Re: Electrix blow-out

200106/msg00022:Re: Electrix blow-out

200106/msg00155:Re:Electrix insecurity

200106/msg00834:Re: Repeater?EDP?Boss

200106/msg00051:Re: Electrix? Repeater?

200106/msg00014:Electrix blow-out

200106/msg00650:Re: Repeater Quad Looping?

200106/msg00190:Repeater Delay again?

200106/msg00924:RE: david torn website


200106/msg00139:Re: Electrix going out of business?

200106/msg00511:Re: Repeater Eve

200106/msg00223:Electrix Repeater website update

200106/msg00877:Re: Repeater?EDP? Boss?

200106/msg00505:Re: Repeater Eve

200106/msg00816:Re: Repeater?EDP?Boss?

200106/msg00855:A few more weeks ?!?

200106/msg00559:Re: Repeater Eve

200106/msg00141:Re: Electrix going out of business?

200106/msg00921:Re: Repeater?EDP? Boss?

200106/msg00040:Re: Electrix blow-out

200106/msg00117:Re: Electrix going out of business?

200106/msg00232:Re: Electrix Repeater website update

200106/msg00050:Re: Electrix? Repeater?

200106/msg00494:Re: [GIG] NYON CH Claude Voit & Matthias Grob [Chill outGardenParty 2]

200106/msg00850:Re: Repeater?EDP?Boss?

200106/msg01087:Re: questions.

200106/msg00156:Re: Electrix going out of business?

200106/msg00649:Re: Repeater Quad Looping?

200106/msg00491:Re: [GIG] NYON CH Claude Voit & Matthias Grob [Chill outGardenParty 2]

200106/msg00910:RE: electrix stuff and indulge me

200106/msg00121:Re: Electrix going out of business?

200106/msg00549:Re: Repeater Eve

200106/author:(No subject)

200106/msg00241:Re: Electrix

200106/msg00351:RE: Electrix

200106/msg00272:Re: Electrix

200106/msg01077:last day for Repeater in June!

200106/msg01090:RE: I want an EDP right?

200106/msg00048:Electrix? Repeater?

200106/msg01070:RE: first la loop feste

200106/msg00617:Repeater Quad Looping?

200106/msg00053:Re: Electrix? Repeater?

200106/msg00019:Re: Electrix blow-out

200106/msg01095:Re: I want an EDP right?

200106/msg00912:Re: A few more weeks ?!?

200106/msg00024:Re: Electrix blow-out

200106/msg00938:RE: Off Topic-indulge me please

200106/msg00210:goodbye, old friend

200106/msg00471:Re: OT: Electrix at Musician's Friend

200106/msg00129:Re: Electrix going out of business?

200106/msg01108:one has heard...

200106/msg00108:Re: Newbie Guitarist :RC-20, Boomerang and Echoplex Digital Pro

200106/msg00906:electrix stuff and indulge me

200106/msg00876:Re: Repeater?EDP?Boss?

200106/msg00115:Re: Electrix going out of business?

200106/msg00821:Re: Repeater?EDP?Boss?

200106/msg00907:Re: electrix stuff and indulge me

200106/msg00212:Re: Repeater Delay again?

200106/msg00020:Re: Electrix blow-out

200106/msg00125:Re: Electrix going out of business?

200106/msg00813:Re: Repeater?EDP?Boss?

200106/msg00502:re: Repeater Eve

200106/msg00157:Re: Electrix going out of business?

200106/msg00499:Repeater Eve

200106/msg00076:Re: Electrix? Repeater?

200106/msg00405:Re: Behringer

200107/msg00703:Re: IVL Electrix

200107/msg00086:What is the latest on the Repeater?

200107/msg01214:Re: boomerang vs roland


200107/msg00013:Re: multiple amps/signals

200107/msg01176:Re: line 6 stuff

200107/msg00536:Re: Repeater in 10 days!?!?!


200107/msg00823:Re: Too many loopers, not enough auxes...

200107/msg00093:Re: What is the latest on the Repeater?

200107/msg00456:Re: QUEERY: What samplers are out there let you record and instantaneously play back from a keyboard

200107/msg00638:No Subject

200107/msg00542:RE: Repeater in 10 days!?!?!

200107/msg00352:Re: Does anyone got Electrix ears from Musician's Friend??

200107/msg00539:Re: Repeater in 10 days!?!?!

200107/msg00546:RE: Repeater in 10 days!?!?!

200107/msg00541:Re: Repeater in 10 days!?!?!

200107/msg00637:No Subject


200107/msg00015:Re: multiple amps/signals

200107/msg00583:RE: Repeater in 10 days!?!?!

200107/msg00801:FS: Zoom 508

200107/msg00966:Re: release spam new CD "repeater"

200107/msg00527:Re: Repeater in 10 days!?!?!

200107/msg01148:two hours of loops!

200107/msg00096:Re: What is the latest on the Repeater?

200107/msg00503:Warr Questions

200107/msg00827:SV: Loopfest in New York, getting together

200107/msg00506:Re: Repeater in 10 days!?!?!

200107/msg00141:Re: What is the latest on the Repeater?

200107/msg00893:RE: Loopers T-shirts

200107/msg00501:Re: Repeater in 10 days!?!?!

200107/msg00485:Re: QUEERY: What samplers are out there let you record and instantaneously play back from a keyboard

200107/msg00027:Againinator Thread

200107/msg00545:Re: Repeater in 10 days!?!?!


200107/msg00697:Re: repeater rumor- shipping in next two days?

200107/msg00000:Re: multiple amps/signals

200107/msg00809:Re: New LIne 6 rackmounts

200107/msg00504:RE: Repeater in 10 days!?!?!

200107/msg01166:Re: Repeater in 10 days!?!?!


200107/msg01175:Re: line 6 stuff

200107/msg00880:release spam new CD "repeater"

200107/msg00540:RE: Repeater in 10 days!?!?!

200107/author:(No subject)

200107/msg00120:Re: What is the latest on the Repeater?

200107/msg00179:Repeater - Where the heck is it?

200107/msg00831:RE: Too many loopers, not enough auxes...

200107/msg00701:IVL Electrix

200107/msg00346:Re: Simple Question about Looping Live

200107/msg00538:Re: Repeater in 10 days!?!?!

200107/msg00537:Re: Repeater in 10 days!?!?!

200107/msg00335:RE: Simple Question about Looping Live

200107/msg01164:enough of this! (was RE: EMUSIC Playlist #224)

200107/msg00053:Re: Againinator Thread

200107/msg00252:Re: Digitech Wh-1 question

200107/msg00798:Re: New LIne 6 rackmounts

200107/msg00508:Re: OT:Warr Questions

200107/msg00033:Re: Againinator Thread


200107/msg00694:repeater rumor- shipping in next two days?

200107/msg00509:Re: Repeater in 10 days!?!?!

200107/msg00181:Re: Againinator Image

200107/msg00826:R: Too many loopers, not enough auxes...

200107/msg00043:Againinator Image

200107/msg00734:RE: IVL Electrix

200107/msg00125:Re: What is the latest on the Repeater?

200107/msg00813:Re: Loopfest in New York, getting together

200107/msg00271:Re: Digitech Wh-1 question

200107/msg00639:No Subject

200107/msg00500:Re: Repeater in 10 days!?!?!

200107/msg01215:Re: boomerang vs roland

200107/msg00707:RE: IVL Electrix

200107/msg00499:Repeater in 10 days!?!?!

200107/msg00800:Re: Loopfest in New York, getting together

200108/msg00712:re: first looper reminiscence

200108/msg01006:Re: Repeater is Here!

200108/msg00959:Re: purpose of "Feedback" (was RE: repeater question)

200108/msg00751:RE: Where's The Repeater?

200108/msg01210:Re: Can we take a second...

200108/msg00054:RE: the electrix repeater

200108/msg01092:Re: Repeater answer: dry/wet mix option NOT avaliable

200108/msg01003:Re: Repeater and the CFC

200108/msg01294:Re: repeater price, was Re: no repeater wet/dry mix?

200108/msg00454:Re: Repeater shipped today!

200108/msg01262:repeater price + taxes in europe

200108/msg01298:Re: repeater price, was Re: no repeater wet/dry mix?

200108/msg01097:Re: no repeater wet/dry mix? that's silly.

200108/msg00750:RE: Where's The Repeater?

200108/msg01213:Re: Can we take a second...

200108/msg00632:Re: The first Repeater owner

200108/msg01225:RE: SimpleTech 128mb formatting

200108/msg01128:Re: more RepeaTer 1st impressions

200108/msg01109:Re: no repeater wet/dry mix? that's silly.

200108/msg00763:Re: Where's The Repeater?

200108/msg00672:Re: Repeater page now available on Looper's Delight

200108/msg00708:EDP Syncing/Setup Question

200108/msg01320:Re: Best Repeater Deals

200108/msg01226:RE: SimpleTech 128mb formatting

200108/msg01005:RE: Repeater and the CFC

200108/msg01162:RE: no repeater wet/dry mix?

200108/msg01120:Syncing the EDP to the Repeater

200108/msg00521:Re: Repeater Foot Controller

200108/msg01278:RE: Vintage CFC and Repeater first impressions

200108/msg00524:Re: Repeater Foot Controller

200108/msg00705:Re: Versatility

200108/msg00028:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg01214:Re: no repeater wet/dry mix?

200108/msg01241:Repeater Problem

200108/msg00791:Electrix routing (was Re: Repeater frenzy)

200108/msg01325:Re: mo' EDP Tutorial, pleas! (re: Feature Comparison (Repeater & EDP)

200108/msg01318:Re: A Repeater suggestion

200108/msg00940:RE: repeater question

200108/msg00771:Re: Repeater frenzy

200108/msg00939:Re: Repeater in first live performance

200108/msg01007:Re: Repeater and the CFC

200108/msg00052:Re: The Great Electrix Repeater Game

200108/msg00978:Re: repeater question

200108/msg00844:Re: Repeater frenzy

200108/msg00932:Re: repeater question

200108/msg00049:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg00652:(OT) NYC (& environs) tornic GIGSPAM

200108/msg00760:Re: Repeater frenzy

200108/msg01105:Re: A Repeater suggestion

200108/msg00793:Re: Where's The Repeater?

200108/msg01045:Repeater and EDP (d/t)

200108/msg01102:RE: A Repeater suggestion

200108/msg00969:EDP feedback (was Re: repeater question)

200108/msg01176:Re: A Repeater suggestion

200108/msg00032:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg00433:Re: Repeater shipped today!

200108/msg00529:Re: Repeater Foot Controller

200108/msg00631:The first Repeater owner

200108/msg00965:Re: repeater question

200108/msg01142:Re: more RepeaTer 1st impressions

200108/msg01284:Re: Repeater and MIDI Foot Control

200108/msg01242:Re: Repeater Problem

200108/msg01111:Re: no repeater wet/dry mix?

200108/msg01251:RE: Syncing the EDP to the Repeater

200108/msg01156:RE: no repeater wet/dry mix?

200108/msg00986:RE: feedback (was RE: repeater question)

200108/msg01163:Re: Yet even more Repeater 1st impressions, requests

200108/msg00256:MIDIclock and other syncing

200108/msg00238:Re: Repeater Now Shipping

200108/msg01126:Re: SimpleTech 128mb formatting

200108/msg01254:RE: repeater price, was Re: no repeater wet/dry mix?

200108/msg00243:Re: Repeater Now Shipping

200108/msg00468:Re: Repeater Foot Controller

200108/msg00094:RE: where to find echoplex info

200108/msg00085:RE: the electrix repeater

200108/msg00025:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg01261:Re: Syncing the EDP to the Repeater

200108/msg01024:RE: Repeater and the CFC

200108/msg01196:Repeater: Track Bleed Through?

200108/msg00434:Re: Repeater shipped today!

200108/msg00011:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg00807:Repeater Memory

200108/msg01028:Re: Repeater and the CFC

200108/msg01031:Re: Repeater and the CFC

200108/msg00797:Re: CompactFlash (was: Re: Where's The Repeater?)

200108/msg00546:Re: Repeater Foot Controller

200108/msg00236:Re: Repeater Now Shipping

200108/msg00237:Re: Repeater Now Shipping

200108/msg01044:Repeater question: dry/wet mix option avaliable?

200108/msg00041:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg00031:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg01011:RE: Repeater and the CFC

200108/msg00122:Re: Tones [was Re: the electrix repeater]

200108/msg00022:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg00794:Re: Where's The Repeater?

200108/msg00669:Repeater page now available on Looper's Delight

200108/msg01239:Damon (Electrix)

200108/msg01249:RE: no repeater wet/dry mix?

200108/msg00964:Re: repeater question

200108/msg01032:Here we go, Repeater on Ebay

200108/msg01127:Re: SimpleTech 128mb formatting

200108/msg00015:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg01152:RE: more RepeaTer 1st impressions

200108/msg01144:RE: no repeater wet/dry mix?

200108/msg00811:Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V01 #465

200108/msg01103:Re: A Repeater suggestion

200108/msg00367:Re: REPEATER IS SHIPPING!

200108/msg00757:Re: Where's The Repeater?

200108/msg01326:RE: Best Repeater Deals

200108/msg01229:Re: Can we take a second...

200108/msg01048:Re: Repeater - First Impressions

200108/msg00696:Re: computer question

200108/msg01204:Re: Can we take a second...

200108/msg00051:Re: The Great Electrix Repeater Game

200108/msg01186:Re: Andre LaFosse vs. Mark Sottilaro: The BAD DESIGN SLAPDOWN

200108/msg01312:Re: Bob Sellon's Jamman stereo multitrack upgrade

200108/msg00010:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg01178:Andre LaFosse vs. Mark Sottilaro: The BAD DESIGN SLAPDOWN

200108/msg00963:Re: RE: repeater question

200108/msg00957:RE: repeater question

200108/msg00972:Re: repeater question

200108/msg00781:RE: Repeater frenzy

200108/msg00853:Re: Repeater frenzy

200108/msg01236:Foot pedal for Repeater

200108/msg00111:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg01029:Re: Repeater and the CFC

200108/msg01125:Re: A Repeater suggestion

200108/msg00014:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg01130:RE: Repeater - First Impressions

200108/msg00966:feedback (was RE: repeater question)

200108/msg00748:Re: Where's The Repeater?

200108/msg01025:Re: Repeater and the CFC

200108/msg00785:Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V01 #465

200108/msg00131:Re: Tones [was Re: the electrix repeater]

200108/msg00356:RE: RE: RE: Repeater ships Thursday!!!

200108/msg00732:Where's The Repeater?

200108/msg01151:Re: Yet even more Repeater 1st impressions, requests

200108/msg00021:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg01148:Re: Yet even more Repeater 1st impressions, requests

200108/msg00805:Re: CompactFlash (was: Re: Where's The Repeater?)

200108/msg00430:Repeater shipped today!

200108/msg01290:Repeater request idiocy

200108/msg00758:Re: Where's The Repeater?

200108/msg00035:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg01145:Re: Repeater suggestions and criticisms

200108/msg00730:Re: Versatility

200108/msg01295:RE: repeater price, was Re: no repeater wet/dry mix?

200108/msg01172:RE: no repeater wet/dry mix?

200108/msg00083:Integrating an EDP (or looper) into live rig, was RE: EDP foot switch.

200108/msg01301:Repeater No-sell on Ebay

200108/msg01061:Re: Repeater and EDP (d/t)

200108/msg00464:repeater shipment question

200108/msg00114:Re: OT Re: the electrix repeater/estimating software jobs

200108/msg01305:Re: Bob Sellon's Jamman stereo multitrack upgrade

200108/msg01121:Re: A Repeater suggestion

200108/msg00360:Re: Repeater ships Thursday!!!

200108/msg00843:Re: Repeater frenzy

200108/msg00759:Re: Repeater frenzy

200108/msg01190:Re: SimpleTech 128mb formatting

200108/msg00047:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg00877:Re: Conceptual "Repeater" question

200108/msg01246:Re: Feature Comparison (Repeater & EDP)

200108/msg01113:Re: no repeater wet/dry mix? that's silly.

200108/msg01170:Re: SimpleTech 128mb formatting

200108/msg01153:Re: Yet even more Repeater 1st impressions, requests

200108/msg00994:Re: Repeater Frenzy

200108/msg01154:Re: Yet even more Repeater 1st impressions, requests

200108/msg00746:Re: Where's The Repeater?

200108/msg01074:RE: Repeater - First Impressions

200108/msg01147:Re: no repeater wet/dry mix?

200108/msg01272:Vintage CFC and Repeater first impressions

200108/msg01123:Re: A Repeater suggestion

200108/msg00515:RE: Repeater Foot Controller

200108/msg00506:Repeater Footcontroller, Oatmeal, Bodily Music

200108/msg00234:Re: Repeater Now Shipping

200108/msg00839:Re: MIDI Still?

200108/msg01171:Can we take a second...

200108/msg01273:mo' EDP Tutorial, pleas! (re: Feature Comparison (Repeater & EDP)

200108/msg00658:RE: First Looper Reminiscence

200108/msg00080:RE: the electrix repeater

200108/msg01179:RE: no repeater wet/dry mix?

200108/msg01054:Re: Repeater vs. RC-20

200108/msg00752:Re: Where's The Repeater?

200108/msg00485:Re: Repeater Foot Controller

200108/msg01119:SimpleTech 128mb formatting

200108/msg00528:Re: Repeater Foot Controller

200108/msg01211:Re: What's the time stretch like on a repeater

200108/msg01143:RE: no repeater wet/dry mix?

200108/msg01027:Re: Repeater and the CFC


200108/msg00925:repeater question

200108/msg00040:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg01012:Re: Repeater and the CFC

200108/msg01255:Re: repeater price, was Re: no repeater wet/dry mix?

200108/msg00012:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg01073:RE: Repeater question: dry/wet mix option avaliable?

200108/msg00755:Re: Repeater frenzy

200108/msg00901:Re: Repeater frenzy

200108/msg01002:RE: Repeater and the CFC

200108/msg00970:EDP pseudo-multi-tracks (was Re: Conceptual "Repeater" question)

200108/msg00117:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg00055:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg00232:Repeater Now Shipping

200108/msg00050:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg00354:FW: REPEATER IS SHIPPING!

200108/msg01221:An guitar palyer s have repeater yet in their rig?

200108/msg00905:Re: Repeater frenzy

200108/msg00369:Re: oh... you HAD to ask, din'cha?

200108/msg00123:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg01319:Best Repeater Deals

200108/msg00931:Re: repeater question

200108/msg00246:Re: Repeater Now Shipping

200108/msg00809:Re: Repeater frenzy

200108/msg01138:RE: no repeater wet/dry mix?

200108/msg01137:Re: no repeater wet/dry mix?

200108/msg01311:Re: Repeater No-sell on Ebay

200108/msg00034:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg01201:Re: Syncing the EDP to the Repeater

200108/msg01052:Re: Repeater and EDP (d/t)

200108/msg00875:Another Conceptual Looper question

200108/msg01166:RE: Yet even more Repeater 1st impressions, requests

200108/msg00044:RE: the electrix repeater

200108/msg00649:Please Kill "Basic intro (OT)"

200108/msg00507:RE: repeater shipment question

200108/msg00383:Re: Echoplex manual discussion--how many people use several loops?

200108/msg01175:RE: Feature Comparison (Repeater & EDP)

200108/msg00522:Re: Repeater Foot Controller

200108/msg01303:Re: Repeater No-sell on Ebay

200108/msg00038:Re: Peter

200108/msg00795:Re: Repeater frenzy

200108/msg00516:Re: Repeater Foot Controller

200108/msg01030:RE: Repeater and the CFC

200108/msg01150:Re: Yet even more Repeater 1st impressions, requests

200108/msg00235:Re: Repeater Now Shipping

200108/msg01081:more RepeaTer 1st impressions

200108/msg00112:OT Re: the electrix repeater/estimating software jobs

200108/msg00935:RE: repeater question

200108/msg00736:Re: Where's The Repeater?

200108/msg01228:Repeater in the UK

200108/msg00222:Re: SUPER LOOPERS TEE SHIRT OF JOY!!!!!!!

200108/author:(No subject)

200108/msg00113:Re: OT Re: the electrix repeater/estimating software jobs

200108/msg01000:R: Repeater Frenzy

200108/msg01286:Re: Can we take a second...

200108/msg00120:Tones [was Re: the electrix repeater]

200108/msg00513:Re: Repeater Foot Controller

200108/msg00227:Re: Choose loops tools fo saxophone and acoustique guitare

200108/msg00057:Re: The Great Electrix Repeater Game

200108/msg00982:RE: feedback (was RE: repeater question)

200108/msg01100:Re: A Repeater suggestion

200108/msg00831:Repeater in the UK?

200108/msg00762:Re: Repeater frenzy

200108/msg00432:RE: Repeater shipped today!

200108/msg00871:Re: Conceptual "Repeater" question

200108/msg00995:Repeater is Here!

200108/msg00244:Re: Repeater Now Shipping -- view from the other side

200108/msg01183:Re: Feature Comparison (Repeater & EDP)

200108/msg01247:RE: SimpleTech 128mb formatting

200108/msg00618:Re: Repeater Foot Controller

200108/msg01014:RE: Repeater and the CFC

200108/msg01096:RE: Repeater answer: dry/wet mix option NOT avaliable

200108/msg00079:Re: The Great Electrix Repeater Game

200108/msg01155:Re: Yet even more Repeater 1st impressions, requests

200108/msg00967:Re: Repeater Question [Feedback]

200108/msg00961:EDP and Repeater Together At Last

200108/msg01133:RE: no repeater wet/dry mix?

200108/msg00091:RE: Echoplex manual discussion online

200108/msg00941:Re: repeater question

200108/msg01160:R: A Repeater suggestion

200108/msg00777:Re: Repeater frenzy

200108/msg00355:Re: FW: REPEATER IS SHIPPING!

200108/msg00812:Re: Repeater frenzy/speaking of music

200108/msg00779:Re: Repeater frenzy

200108/msg00948:purpose of "Feedback" (was RE: repeater question)

200108/msg00048:The Great Electrix Repeater Game

200108/msg01164:Re: Yet even more Repeater 1st impressions, requests

200108/msg00458:Re: Repeater shipped today!

200108/msg00769:Re: Repeater frenzy

200108/msg01070:RE: Repeater - First Impressions

200108/msg00796:speaking of equipment

200108/msg00749:Re: Where's The Repeater?

200108/msg00754:Re: Where's The Repeater?

200108/msg00783:Re: Repeater frenzy


200108/msg00233:Re: Repeater Now Shipping

200108/msg00617:Re: Repeater Foot Controller

200108/msg01257:RE: Foot pedal for Repeater

200108/msg01132:RE: more RepeaTer 1st impressions

200108/msg00523:Re: Repeater Foot Controller

200108/msg01016:Re: Digitech RDS-3600 Sighted

200108/msg01033:Re: Repeater and the CFC

200108/msg00019:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg00773:Re: Repeater frenzy

200108/msg01207:RE: no repeater wet/dry mix?

200108/msg00776:Re: Repeater frenzy

200108/msg01157:RE: no repeater wet/dry mix?

200108/msg00431:Re: Repeater shipped today!

200108/msg00462:Re: Repeater shipped today!

200108/msg00653:"Basic Intro" clarification

200108/msg01253:repeater price, was Re: no repeater wet/dry mix?

200108/msg00368:oh... you HAD to ask, din'cha?

200108/msg00030:Re: the electrix repeater

200108/msg00942:RE: repeater question

200108/msg01122:Re: A Repeater suggestion

200108/msg01107:Re: A Repeater suggestion

200108/msg01035:Yet another MIDI controller (for Repeater or whatever)

200108/msg00761:Re: Where's The Repeater?

200108/msg01068:Re: Another Repeater MIDI Controller >bof<

200108/msg01180:Re: Andre LaFosse vs. Mark Sottilaro: The BAD DESIGN SLAPDOWN

200108/msg00135:Re: Tones [was Re: the electrix repeater]

200108/msg00974:RE: repeater question>>EDP feedback


200108/msg01174:RE: Yet even more Repeater 1st impressions, requests

200108/msg00786:RE: Repeater frenzy

200108/msg00143:OT Re: Tones [was Re: the electrix repeater]

200108/msg00798:Re: Where's The Repeater?

200108/msg01324:Re: Bob Sellon's Jamman stereo multitrack upgrade

200108/msg00764:Re: Repeater frenzy

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