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Re: Electro-Harmonix Delay 16

On Fri, 24 Oct 1997 PJBMHB@aol.com wrote:

> i think the jamman does most of the things the eh does but no speed up or
> slow down. i have a digitech delay that speeds up and slows down but 
>doesn' t
> do the backwards thing. the digitech also has kind of lame fidelity 
> the jamman which sounds great. does the eh have good or bad fidelity? is 
> noisy or quiet? PJ

The JamMan doesn't TOUCH the EH16 interface!  Listen to Roger Miller's
"Maximum Electric Piano" work, which is the best use of the EH16 I've
heard.  Most of it would be entirely impossible on the JamMan.  Mixing
forwards and bacwards, octave jumps in speed/pitch, variable modulation,
the ability to turn infinite looping on and off... the EH16 excels at
these things.  

As for "fidelity"... well, from a bandwidth/distortion standpoint, the
EH16 sucks.  So do electric guitars, though.  And, like the distorted
electric guitar, the EH16 has a very musical, warm tone.  Most modern
digital effects have great specs on paper, but sound dry and lifeless when
playing real music.  I'd much rather have something that sounds *musical*,
even if it doesn't spec well.


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