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Electro-Harmonix Delay 16 Reissue

For those interested, I just sent this post off in response to a reply from
one of the folks at New Sensor,  re. Delay 16 reissue.
I will let you know how they respond when I receive it.

> From: kevin@sovtek.com

>We are currently working on a reissue 16 second delay.  It is >taking us a
> while since the technology used in the original is pretty much obsolete
> we want to make the new version "state of the art."  I would say a safe
> would be about 1 year from now, give or take six months

Kevin, many thanks for the reply.
If you don't mind I would like to make a few comments on your reissue.
I think I can safely speak for myself and the many professionals I work
with, when I say I hope you do not lose the attractive aspects of the
original in your attempt to make it 'state of the art'.  There are many
pedals and devices on the market now that  cover much, if not all of the
ground the delay 16 did and do so in a 'state of the art' way, i.e..
Boomerang, Echoplex, Jam man, etc.
The reason the delay 16  is still so popular,  is its warm sonics and its
intuitive user friendliness. 
If you were to do nothing but faithfully copy the original, you would have
a very popular pedal indeed.  
I am not sure if you are aware but the Delay 16 is one of the most sought
after pedals of its kind today.  It sells for upwards of $1,400US, and
the foot controller for $900US and up.
If however some of the components to reproduce the original are no longer
available then I suppose that is another scenario you must work out.
I would very much be interested in hearing your thoughts and plans on this.