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AW: Re[2]: Electro-Harmonix Delay 16

>    >  I also suggest Eno's On Land as a good example; if you are
> familiar 
>    >  with the EH16 it's easy to identify when he uses it.
I *love* "On Land" (my absolute favorite Eno album),
especially the slowed-down stuff.

What are the parts he has done with the EH16?

I was under the impression that he had used different tape speeds
to get these deep rumbling sounds. But maybe it was the EH ?

I also remember (vaguely) an interview of Eno from the On Land period
or even a few years later, where he was asked what he thought about
sampling, and he responded that it doesn't impress him because he
did the same thing for years, using tape loops, and tape loops are
much more convenient for him.
Now using a device like the EH16 surely *is* a kind of sampling
technique, so I am a little puzzled.

Please tell me all you know about "On Land", and the instruments used
on it !


(... who suffers from the loss of half speed mode ever since I upgraded
multitrack from a cheap fostex casette 4-track to an 8-track R-8 ... any
cure for that ? )