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Re: AW: The ongoing saga of Oberheim

On Thu, 30 Oct 1997, Haible Juergen wrote:

> Maybe I'll just put extra RAM chips into my Delta Lab Effectron. Or wait
> for
> this new EH delay. (Hope they'll just use larger RAM chips, and not
> redesign
> the control circuitry !)
> What do you think?
> JH.

I think you should at least try to find an Echoplex you can play with for 
some time before you decide whether or not to buy one.  The Effectron is 
a great unit, but the difference between a Deltalab and an Echoplex is 
like the difference between a calculator and a Power MacIntosh in terms 
of what you can do with them.  

Read the comments on this list, and wiegh them in your mind.  Find out how
many of the criticisms are relevant to what you do, and how seriously they
should be taken.  But most of all, try to find one you can try out, and
see if what it does is something you really want.  Software-based
equipment is always problematic, but shifting gears from an Echoplex to a
DeltaLab or EH16 wouldn't be the same thing for me -- it's almost like two
entirely different musical processes.  And I have to say that from a
strictly creative point of view, the Echoplex is infinitely more