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Re: delays that slowwww

In a message dated 1/3/98 2:26:56 AM, you wrote:

>Fellow loopers,
>Sorry to be banging on about gear again, but I must know the answer...
>What delay devices, obsolete or contemporary, can slow down the input 
>I understand the Lex PCM42 can, and the Echo Plus ( Digitech?) too, but 
>there any others? I have a Whammy Pedal which can lower the pitch, but
>the speed is the same. I'd like something that acts like a varispeed has 
>turned down (or up for Munchkin dialogue). I believe the slowing down of
input >to be a great thing for these times, as we speed towards the
>Hopefully the 'kids' will be 'hip' to it too.
>Go raibh maith agat, ('Thanks to you' in the Gaelic)

Well, one device (out of many I suppose) that does what you describe is the
old Electro Harmonix 16-Second Digital Delay. I once had a couple of them 
I used as a stereo pair for all of my looping activities. When I finally
parted with them (for more modern rack gizmos) it was precisely this 
that I missed most. The designers of all these newer gadgets don't seem to
appreciate the usefulness of this speed/pitch changing capability.

While the EH-16 is no longer being made (and still commands pretty high 
used) it has been rumored to be slated by EH/Sovtek for reissue in the not-
too-distant future. I myself am looking forward to checking it out, when 
day comes, and perhaps buying one (or two) again. 

Don't get me wrong, I really like my Oberheim EDPs, but I do still miss 
one feature of the EH-16

T. Killian