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Re: www-cycling74 wow.:)

> Curtis Bahn wrote:
> > Also check out MSP, David Zicarelli's signal processing extensions to 
> > at http://www.cycling74.com.  If you have a powerpc computer you can 
> > design custom looping and overdubbing algorithms (amoung many other
> > things).  It's great !  Programs like MSP and LiSa are taking looping 
> > from the restrictions of commercial hardware, to a whole new level of
> > personal sound design and performance interaction.
> > crb
> >
> hey there...    I'm new to PC...home PC that is, recording.  What you 
>wrote about
> this site and these programs is way too interesting to pass up... but I 
> its a bit over my head.
> I've got a P2 266/mmx w/ 6gb, and a few years experience in a studio.  
>How hard is
> this?  I don't think I'm dumb, I should be able to figure it out.  Any 

Since you have a PC and not a Mac, maybe you should check out Kyma/Capybara
by Symbolic Sound.  The beauty of Kyma/Capybara is that it runs on a 
separate box loaded with DSPs instead of directly on your computer so it
doesn't rob processing time from your computer.   The computer mainly 
as a controller for the box.   Symbolic Sound just started offering a 
PCMIA card so that you can run Kyma on a laptop.   I don't know if it has 
looping/overdubbing functions like the Echoplex but maybe it's worth a 

The URL is http://www.symbolicsound.com/ 
BTW, Kyma runs on both Macs and PCs.  Capybara is the DSP box.


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