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Re: some torn live stuff

>>>>> "Stew" == Stew Benedict <benedict@netcom.com> writes:

    Stew>   I've been meaning to mention I've recently been enjoying
    Stew> "Polytown", thanks to a lead from this group.  David, if
    Stew> you're listening, this is awesome stuff!  Does anyone have
    Stew> any leads on other Torn titles?  I find "Cloud About
    Stew> Mercury" everywhere, been scouring closeouts and used shops
    Stew> and found "Door X" once, but someone swiped the CD from the
    Stew> jewel case.  The combo of Torn, Karn, and Bozzio on
    Stew> "Polytown" is absolutely amazing.

Cloud about Mercury has the advantage of being generally available and
excellent.  It features what was at the time the King Crimson rhythm
section (Bill Bruford on percussion, including electronic; and Tony
Levin on bass and stick), plus Mark Isham on trumpet.  Highly

However, I hated Door X.  Trite rock music with none of what I
consider Torn's distinctive stylings.  I think I remember singing.
It's on Windham Hill, which used to be an OK label, but not known for
their rock music.

CMP, Torn's most recent label, has gone under, so his solo disks on
that label are getting hard to find, but IMHO worth tracking down.
The ones to seek out are Tripping Over God and What Means Solid,
Traveler?  They are mostly solo Torn, although he overdubs percussion
and more than one guitar part.  I like these two very much as well,
and are probably most representative of his current work (Cloud about
Mercury must be at least 10 years old).

Mick Karn had a couple of albums on CMP, Bestial Cluster and Tooth
Mother, that I think featured Torn as well.  More singing than on
Polytown, but it worked well, and was not on every track.

And if you can find it, Torn was part of an outfit called Everyman
Band.  A web listing mentions Marty Fogel on sax, but I seem to
remember Shankar on violin.

Caleb T. Deupree
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