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RE: Arcane Device

The echoplex has knobs for input volume, output volume, mix, and feedback
control. (that's four!) With midi cc knobs, you can control feedback (in
addition to the front) and loop out volume (=5!!). You can even plug a 
in the back for feedback, loop out volume, or delay line in volume (=6!!!).
There's not really any other parameter available where it would make sense
to use a knob on it. Most people use the mix and feedback knobs all the 
to control things. What else would you like knobs to do?  

oh, and everything can be controlled with your tappin' feet.


At 01:09 PM 2/4/98 -0600, Liebig, Steuart A. wrote:
>Yes for knobs. 
>Frankly, I'd be much more likely to want something like a JamMan or
>Oberheim 'Plex if they had knobs. Maybe it's the neo-Luddite in me, but
>I  prefer being able to manually adapt parameters (in addition to foot
>control) to whatever is going on musically. Hence my fondness for the EH
>16-second delay. This morning, I was lamenting the fact that something
>like the 'Plex (which will obviously have superior sonic specs) isn't
>available with these features . . . and in a non-rack package. I'm sick
>of racks and like to be able to just pull out a pedal  . . . again a
>plus of the EH16.
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