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Re: Cool Looper Alert

Ze LoOpdOctOrs haf bin riting:
>But will Frissell only continue to flirt with looping, or will he flat 
out make a commitment and bring her home to mama?  He seems 
to be becoming more popular.<

I tink, he's bin to mama und he is now long gone. He makes se 
loops now since long time wit hiss EH-16.

Recommend zu yu:
"In Line"
"Power Tools"
"Before We Were Born"
and many others (you're sure to hear from other listees)

OK, let me drop my "deutsch" accent, I admit to being a big Frisell fan 
for a few years now. In fact, he's the one who got me into looping after 
seeing him with the Paul Motian Trio and I wondered, "what the heck 
has he got in that in that little box?". As far as I know, he's dabbled
the Jamman but he usually only uses the EH-16 live. I agree with you 
Doc's in that he uses the looper in an interesting non-blubbery texture
sort of way. As far as my ears can tell, he also does a fair amount of 
2x and 1/2x switching - that is doubling / halving the return rate - which 
is a cool lo-fi dub effect.

P.S. Any of U loopers know how he got his sounds on "The Beach"
>from "In Line"? This track has always spooked me out ...

P.P.S. To all EH-16 users: Is it possible with this machine to make a 
loop with sounds recorded at both sampling rates?

Thanks, Rob (spending a night with the Looper's list while my girlfriend 
wonders what's taking so long ;-)  ) Cummings (no relation to Bob)