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Re: Alternatives to Oberheim?

Could someone let me know what the below mentioned EH16 is? Although I'd
love to have an EDP, I can't afford one right now. The features on the EDP
are all things I'd really like to have, but any loop/sampler is better than
none. Thanks... CQ

At 12:55 PM 2/7/99 -0800, you wrote:
>---"Michael S. Yoder" <myoder@tamiu.edu> wrote:
>> Dear Loopers,
>> I just can't believe the expensive, nearly-impossible-to-acquire
>> Echoplex is the ONLY thing on the market that allows infinite
>> loops/layerings.  Is there anything else available..
>First, "nearly-impossible-to-acquire", this is absurd. I have never
>had any problem getting EDPs, and I have 3.  If you can't find them
>(at least in the USA) then you aren't looking. Call or email Gibson,
>and they can tell you where they shipped EDP recently. 
>Infinite loops/layerings are hardly what sets the EDP apart from the
>crowd.  The jamman, the boomerang, the EH16 second delay, and probably
>many others allow this.
>If that is your only requirment then seek those. 
>The EDP is special for more reasons that I can state here, but a few
>aspects are:
>1.  Undo
>2.  Brother Sync
>3.  Stereo Brother Sync
>4.  Multiply
>5.  Confirgurable Quantize/no Quantize/Confirm on switch actions
>6.  Allows creation and storage and replay of multiple unique loops,
>each of unique length.
>7.  198 seconds 
>Read the FAQ at Loopers Delight web page.
>I'm sure other EDP users have other favorite features, but IMO there
>is no substitute.
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