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Hello, darlings. I seek the arms of Time.

A friend once briefly blessed my humble stereo with a 7.6 second Digitech.
Out of the mesmerizing soup that ensued boiled a tape of myself reading 
favourite short stories while using a tiny R---o S---k microphone and an
assortment of tiny odd objects to create looping backgrounds on the fly. My
head burst into flames and I laughed at the wonder of it all. Did Digitech
make anything better/more userish/more memoryish? Am I looking for an
eight-second Time Machine? I just saw one on that wonderfully filthy 
used stuff site for $229. I'm not a tech-head at all, and I haven't seen
anything else in action. Whatta'ya'think? What are your favourites and 
chaetophile@hotmail.com       thanks.

Dael T. Franke

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