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New Danelectro analog "tape" delay

Just picked one up today.  It has a very warm analog sound, and while it
doesn't have all the features of the headrush (I have a boomerang for long
loops) it does have a nice warm, smooth sound to it.  Controls are:
Mix, Speed, Repeats (Decay), Hi-cut & lo-hi (short long) selector.  

Worth checking out for a tasty sounding analog "tape" delay.  It has about
1 1/2-2 secs. delay time (at a guess, it doesn't say in the manual).  I am
a string player so I can't really vouch for how it sounds w/ guitar, but I
would assume (considering its probably geared towards guitar-like things
;)) that it sounds as good.  Like anything else, play w/ one yourself.
Goes for 70-80 bucks new, your mileage may vary.  Even cooler than this
toy, I discovered "Smokey Amps" (www.smokeyamps.com).  The coolest sounding
(and smallest) solid state amp/fuzz box I've come across (for a mere 25
bucks).  I may just ditch my 2 ton rackmount. *grin*  It's built into a
pack of smokes and features an average sounding 2 inch speaker (what do you
expect) but it sounds REALLY good when you plug it into a cab.  I was
fairly impressed that something so tiny could sound so big (and so good).
How cool is that? ;)  Now if they could only fit an echoplex & rackmount fx
into a matchbox I could fit my entire rig into a violin case.  

Lorren Stafford
Richard For Cerebellum/A Most Happy Sound

"We ask ourselves whether truly this is the beginning 
of a new world or whether perhaps the world...is about
to perish.  There are people who earnestly and seriously
fear this, where music becomes the slave of the machine..."