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I want LDCD Vol 1 - I want LDCD Vol 1 - I want LDCD Vol 1 -

> I recently purchased Volume Two which makes for great listening. I'm not
> normally one for compilations, however this is not a 'normal'
> compilation! Great to hear loops with so many accents.

wait until you hear volume one - imho a way better representation of loop 
music than volume two.

Now where is volume one? Ray Peck did a wonderful job putting wonderful 
music together, and now nothing happens - just a couple of CDR copies 
(the ones that went to the musicians). This thing clearly deserves 
more famous!!! keeping it secret would really be a waste.

Afaik, Matt McCabe who put together Vol2 was supposed to take care of this 
but I guess there was so little success with Vol2 that he doesn't feel too 
enthusiastic about putting effort into Vol1 ...

Matt? Ray? Kim? Any news about this?

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