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Re[2]: boomerang vs. headrush

Get a grip guys! 

Just a note that Mr. Liebig has at least two looping devices... an EH-16 
delay *and* the Headrush. If there were any other good, small, non-midi 
based devices I'll bet he'd have them on his shopping list as well... 
brings me to this point:

If you can only get one looper and *really* wont get another one, and 
don't mind
a rack mount or large floor size, of course, Get the best one you can get. 
or Boomerang... Boomerange is arguably the best currently available floor 
going despite the fact it's not MIDI... When the EH-16 reissue comes along 
we can all argue the merits of that. I'm staying away from DAW based 
right now just because. Those of you willing to hump computers to gigs, 
power to ya! If small is what you want then the Headrush, Line 6, DOD DFX4 
any of the shorter 2 sec delays with good 100% non disappearing feedback 
are all
good choices and the more the merrier!

But now let's get real here... One looper!? You gotta be kidding! First 
you need
a good cloud looper with variable feedback. Then you need a good long ass 
line, with many cool functions like the EDP. Then you need another freaky 
multi-fx unit to spaz out your clouds,and spin off more loopage, and 
another to 
stereoize your long looper. Or two long loopers to get it in stereo 
Don't forget some sort of analog filter bank to wump and whomp it and 
crank on 
that cutoff knob...

Admittedly, I come from the stereo, direct inject camp, and hump a 
boatload of 
gear and midi control wherever I go. Maybe the computer thing is another 
step I 
may arrive at sooner than I'd like...

Have a great weekend everyone!

Steuart Liebig wrote...
> i don't have a boomerang, but i would think that the reverse and 
> speed (right?) functions would be worth it. the headrush has neither. if 
> want those capabilities, i would go for it. or you could wait for the 
>line 6
> thing to see how that works.

> i got the headrush because it was small, had echo simulation, digital 
>and a
> tap-tempo looper (which my eh16 doesn't have). i think that the akai is 
> decent for what it does. no complaints except the somewhat confusing 
>start or 
> loop/end of loop switch interface (problem?) that others have mentioned.

Someone else wrote...
>> I don't want to start any wars but I was all set to buy a Headrush but 
>> it seems possible  (if i work a little overtime) for me to get a 
>> what i want to know  is since the rang is at least twice the money is it
>> twice as good as looper?  i don't care about the headrush's tape 
>> simulation... i want a good looper that's easy to use live with a simple
>> guitar set up (no midi or anything).  i know this subject has come up 
>> but there seems to be a lot of mixed views as of late.  Anyone own both?
>> Is the rang worth the extra bucks?  (what should i expect to pay for the
>> rang?)