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Re: Freeq

> I must have been speaking from my unconscious desire for the ultimate 
> 8kHz digital looper, what could that one be?

Couldn't be easier.
Get yourself an Echoplex, 
and feed it a way low level signal,
so it's only using 8 bits.
One of the math geeks here can tell you
how many dB short of full level to run it.
Turn up the ouput a bunch. Hey, presto!
All the noise and grainyness you could ever want.

Mine EDP's on ebay right now, went to $1125 this morning.
Some nice person wants it very badly.
You've still got 8 hours to beat them.
Me, I'm quite happy with my JamMan.
The plex has all this stuff I never use,
and the matched set of Earthworks mikes
I'm going to replace it with will be ever so handy.

Actually, I've been trying to remember the name of 
the first long delay I had. It was a rackmount thing,
I think it was 2 spaces high, 
black face, LED alphanum display,
maybe had a keypad on it.
16 seconds of delay. 
Seems to me it came out a little before the EH, 
and the company that made it never made anything else.
I bought it at a NAMM show ca. 1980.
Made a good match for the MXR pitch transposer.
Lovely interface on that. Four knobs, each a preset. 
Touch the knob and it jumps to that preset.


Kate and Dan Richardson
Northampton, MA