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Re: Looper Release Pool:

Personally, I feel that DOD deserves a good bitch slapping for dropping
the ball on the DFX 98. If they were going to discontinue a few pedals,
why didn't they discontinue some of the hundred and something overdrive
pedals that they carry? The funny thing is that they were manufactured,
and some people out there have some demos. I just have this creeping
sense that there's a bunch in a box in a DOD warehouse or something.

They were really making great progress up the DFX94, which I use all the
time. There are probably 5 effects that DOD ever made that I'd ever want
(EQ, Pan, Envelope Filter, DFX98, etc), and most of them were

Instead, DOD makes a ton of these overdrive/distortion pedals. It would
be really silly to own more than two of these. Dammit! If there are any
squashbox manufacturers out there, there are 2 pedals that I think would
be very popular:

1) Something like the DFX94/98, only not discontinued. These had a really
great interface for making cool loops on the fly. I'm okay with the quiet
noise it generates, really!

2) ONE overdrive pedal that allows the user to better manipulate the
settings, something like the EH Microsynth only better sounding for

matt davignon
Mike Biffle wrote:

> >> Perhaps we should start a pool, what comes out first the EH-16
> reissue, the FX-98 or the DL4?
> > My personal preference would be the new software upgrade for the
> EDP, half/double speed looping, and mysterious "granular" functions.
> Please Kim, can you drop just a few more hints about this? If the
> "rerelease" truly does lower the price, I'm considering getting
> another EDP for stereo looping madness.
> I'm hoping to see that s/w sometime soon as well! And WHAT'S going on
> at Gibson? Anyone shake THAT tree lately? Geeze... they're the
> stiffest bunch of businessmen I've ever seen. They're probably too
> caught up in their Opcode lawsuit to bother with their products right
> now... *->
> What's the prize for winning the pool?... I'd say we'll see the Line
> 6 stuff first. We're never going to see the DFX98. We may see the
> EH-16 in a year... But EDP S/W????? Right away please!!! Kim????
> Miko Biffle                          "Running scared from all the
> usual distractions..."
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