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RE: EH16 inflation

Eric and others-

There are two shows this week that are worth mentioning- both feature 
players of an amazing stature.
Wed night is Scott Henderson, guitar player and front member of Tribal 
he occasionally uses loops but not too much- he has an extroidinary 
like Jimi and Vai all rolled into one-

Second is Mike Miller- extremely amazing guitar player who incorporates 2
Jam Man units in a most discreet and tasteful way- he is a super player who
did the tour with the Zappa band filling in FZ's shoes- he has wonderful
compositions and good dynamics- he also played with Chick Corea who Scott 
also played with- Mike Miller was responsible for me becoming intersested 
looping along with an article featuring David Torn.

If any of you are near the LA area you would be well rewarded for the 
also the club is about as big as a very large living room- you could 
the floor pedals if your table is against the "stage" which is maybe 1"

All the club info is below- hope to see some of you there!

LA VÉ LEE, 12514 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, has music, often with a Latin
or Brazilian bent, and Mediterranean cooking five days a week. Music
Tues.-Sun., with the band striking up at 9:30 p.m. Full bar. All ages. 

Fri.-Sat.—Singer-songwriter Kenny Rankin.

Tues.—Marco Mendoza & Straight Jacket, with Joey Heredia and Renato Neto.

Wed.—The Scott Henderson Trio.

Thurs.—Mike Miller.

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 > Did anyone else notice the current bid on the EH16 on eBay?
 > $1,051.09!!!!! That blows away the $700 JamMan!

 That's okay.  The EH16 blows away the JamMan in several other respects!

...and that one is the cleanest I've ever seen, box and all!  I actually 
on it but I'm not at home with the address, and apparently the auction's
cause I can't search for it anymore. Anyone catch the final bid?

eric p
echo park