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Re: EH16 inflation

Todd Reynolds wrote:
> pardon my stupidity, an EH16 is what?

The Electro-Harmonix 16 Second Delay, also known as "Fripp in a Box". 
This was probably the earliest and most prized performance-oriented
looping device.  It had 16 seconds of delay, reverse, modulation,
infinite loop, and several other features, and came with an optional
6-button footswitch to activate many functions on the fly.  Parameters
were controlled with sliders, and the box looked like the one used for
the EH Microsynth that is currently back in production.  

I used to own one... finally sold it because i was too afraid i'd break
it to use it anymore.  I once had to track down Mike Matthews of
Electro-Harmonix in *Russia* to find out who could repair a problem! 
I've never regretted parting with a piece as much as that one.  

Despite limitations like poor bandwidth, mono operation, and obvious
distortion, this is the COOLEST looping device i've ever used, maybe the
coolest in existence! It had a rich, warm sound (lots of older digital
delays do... early Lexicon delays, DeltaLabs Echotrons, etc), and you
could easily manipulate the sliders live.  The best looping performance
i ever saw was an EH16 in the hands of Roger Miller during his "Maximum
Electric Piano" period.  He was using a Yamaha electric baby grand,
Cage-style preparations, a volume pedal, a couple of fuzz boxes, an
analog echo, and the EH16 to generate more noise than i've ever heard
from one person.