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Re: headrush: not plastic

I am wondering if there are two versions of the Headrush - a metal AND a
plastic unit. I had a brief dialogue with someone (oh, how transient the
e-relationship is!) who absolutely insisted with great vigor that their 
was plastic. Mine is metal. Most probably aluminum, with a thick fake-metal
silvery lacquey plasticy finish.
    BTW can anyone tell me what the frequency response of the Headrush is
vs. the Boomerang? I'm too busy to jump over web sites and dig up owners
manuals, etc.
    And does anyone forsee getting into the guts of the 'rush and doing
hot-rods to create reverse fx, frozen loops, half- and double-time shifts,
pitch shifts, etc.? Would it even be cost-effectiive?
    BTW I've had very brief conversations with a couple of folx at Akai
directly in charge of marketing the Headrush and they were totally unaware
of the rabid eye-scratching and hair-pulling tussles their little gimmicky
trinket has created...
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Subject: RE: headrush: not plastic

>thank god that's settled, i was hanging on the edge of my seat
>sorry, i guess i'm a little bored.
>about the boomerang versus headrush. having a headrush, i wish that it had
>reverse function as well as the 1/2-doublt speed thing that the boomerang
>does. (tho' my eh16 does have both of those.) still the headrush is a nice
>little box and it does delay as well, which is important to me.