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Re: 16 second delay problem

The EH-16 was pricey when it was new ($799 is what I recall, back in the
early '80's).  All the EH reissues have been pricey, so there's no reason 
believe that the 16sec delay wouldn't also be pricey.  And I'd say that the
demand for the EH-16 is very slim ("What, no MIDI?  No stereo?  No
tap-tempo?!"), compared to wacko pedals for vintage-obsessed guitarists.


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> Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 18:21:37 -0400
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> Subject: Re: 16 second delay problem
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> Another thought: Now that EH seems to be a revitalized, active company
> again, I wonder if it would be possible to send it to them?
> I can't believe they re-released the Frequency Analyser before the 16 
> delay! It's cool too, but the demand for the 16 sec. delay has got to be
> greater. No?