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Re: 16 second delay problem

Actually, I paid $500 Canadian, which wasn't cheap, but certainly not very
expensive either. As you say, all EH reissues have been expensive, even
overpriced, so why would a high price tag be any more detrimental in the
case of the 16 sec. delay? It was more expensive in the first place, but it
didn't just cost more, it did more. Also, the high prices used units are
fetching would seem to indicate that there is a demand there.

I'm not sure how you define wacko, but if you are referring to the ability
of an effect to produce truely unusual sounds, the EH-16 definately

Also, I wasn't suggesting that a re-issue would necessarily be an exact
copy. I believe they have made some changes to things they have re-issued
in the past,the polychorus for example.

Personally, I'd much rather pay between five hundred and let's say a
thousand dollars for a new and hopefully improved EH-16 than $270.00 for a
new frequencey analyser, and I have both.

In fact, I've got 8 or 9 original EH pedals and the 16 sec. delay is  my
favourite by far.

Perhaps, as you suggest though, most people would not see it this way.


>The EH-16 was pricey when it was new ($799 is what I recall, back in the
>early '80's).  All the EH reissues have been pricey, so there's no reason 
>believe that the 16sec delay wouldn't also be pricey.  And I'd say that 
>demand for the EH-16 is very slim ("What, no MIDI?  No stereo?  No
>tap-tempo?!"), compared to wacko pedals for vintage-obsessed guitarists.
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>> Another thought: Now that EH seems to be a revitalized, active company
>> again, I wonder if it would be possible to send it to them?
>> I can't believe they re-released the Frequency Analyser before the 16 
>> delay! It's cool too, but the demand for the 16 sec. delay has got to be
>> greater. No?