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Re: FS: Huge Sample CD Collection 72 cds Audio & Acid Loops

nice collection :) i have a few things to trade such as

TC electronics 2290 delay (i have a few of these)
oberhiem ob8 analog synth
akai s1000
zeta sympte box
e2 sampler and library

let me know if u like ne thine
I'm from british colombia canada but we might be able to work somthing out?

sean vance

>From: Earache <Earache@rocketmail.com>
>Reply-To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
>To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
>Subject: FS: Huge Sample CD Collection 72 cds Audio & Acid Loops
>Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2000 10:40:36 -0700 (PDT)
>These are original CDs not copies. They are all in
>perfect condition. If I could get around $900 or trade
>for a cool piece of gear like a MC-505, DJ-70 MkII, or
>Prophecy, I'd be satisfied. And somebody would still
>be getting quite a bargain, as many of these CDs I
>paid $100 each.
>Make an offer.
>Will trade for gear + or – cash if you’re somewhere in
>the Rockford / Chicago / burbs area.
>Analog Grooves (Big Fish Audio)
>Brotherhood (Self Reliance Productions)
>Chemical Big Beats (Steinberg) 3 CDs
>Cold Fusion Technologic (Steinberg) 3 CDs
>Creative Sounds (Prosonus) sound effect .wavs
>Dance Music Programming Secrets (Prentice Hall) CD
>Dance/Industrial (East West) 2 CDs
>Dance/Industrial II (East West) 2 CDs
>D-Day Megaton Bomb 2 (Big Fish Audio) 2 CDs
>Drum and Bass X-citers (Steinberg) 3 CDs
>Drum Loops Vol. 1 (Big Fish Audio)
>Drum Loops Vol. 2 (Big Fish Audio)
>Electro Age (Steinberg) 3 CDs
>Global Noize Vol. 1 (Ezion Labolg Productions)
>Groovebox (Best Service)
>Guitar (HitSound)
>Hallelujah World Choirs (Best Service)
>Hard & Loud Techno (Soundscan)
>Haujobb Matrix (Metropolis) electro-industrial loops
>and samples
>Hip Hop Beats and Treats (Steinberg) 3 CDs
>Jungle Warfare (Zero-G) ultra-fast loops and samples
>Killer Bites (Quebec Inc.)
>Loops for Acid  Signals II (INS)
>Maximum Impact Alternative (DSM Digital Productions)
>Megaton Bomb (Big Fish Audio) 2 CDs
>Methods of Mayhem (Sounds Good)
>Mosterpack (Masterbits) 8 CDs!
>Neftali’s Street Ghetto Series (Santiago Productions)
>Paul Kodish Dangerous Drums (Keyfax)
>Represtin’ Hip Hop (On Point Productions)
>Simon Harris for Your Ears Only (Music of Life)
>Skinned (Zero-G) comprehensive samples from the
>private archives of Skinny Puppy
>Skinny Puppy Soundisc (Zero-G) 2 CDs  Skinny Puppy
>loops audio, .wav, .trk files
>Sound Palette Hip Hop (Big Fish Audio)
>Sound Palette Techno (Big Fish Audio)
>Techno Toolbox (East West)
>Technophobia! (East West)
>Tekno/Industrial (East West)
>The Bomb Reggae Loops (East West)
>The Drum Machine Sampling CD (3D Sounds)
>The Essential Sample Collection (Discovery Firm) a
>“best of”
>Travelogue 1 Africa (e-Lab)
>Twiddly Bits Vol. 7 Programmer’s Tool Kit (Keyfax)
>Twiddly Bits Vol. 8 MIDI Breakbeats (Keyfax)
>Unique Sounds (Future Music) elements from stars like
>Voltage (Big Fish Audio)
>West Coast Funk Stew (Big Fish Audio) 2 CDs
>X tortion (e-Lab) 2 CDs
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