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Re: FS: Huge Sample CD Collection 72 cds Audio & Acid Loops

I don't know. I do not claim to be any sort of expert
on sampling legalities (in reality, what I have heard
on that has been fairly contradictory). If I'm not
making copies but selling the originals, I never used
them in any commercially or publicly released music,
I'm selling these at a huge loss, the companies have
already made $100 per piece of plastic, how is this
damaging to anyone other than me?

I'm confused. How would that work anyway? By that
logic aren't all used CD and video game stores selling
illegal music and software? And how would they track
that anyway? None of these 72 CDs came with any sort
of registration card and the music stores I bought
them from over the years were not keeping track of who
specifically bought them. Is this more of a threat to
eliminate the casual copier?

--- Bill Fox <billfox@fast.net> wrote:
> Question:  Do all of the CDs have licenses that are
> transferable?  If a company
> sells you a sample CD, sometimes, like music CDs and
> software, you own the piece
> of plastic (the CD) but not the rights to its
> contents, merely a (restricted?)
> license to use.  Sometimes that restriction allows
> you to use the samples in a
> commercial release, sometimes not.  And transfering
> to a third party can be a
> whole other can of worms.
> Cheers,
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> >> >These are original CDs not copies. They are all
> in
> >> >perfect condition. If I could get around $900 or
> >> trade
> >> >for a cool piece of gear like a MC-505, DJ-70
> MkII,
> >> or
> >> >Prophecy, I'd be satisfied. And somebody would
> >> still
> >> >be getting quite a bargain, as many of these CDs
> I
> >> >paid $100 each.

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