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Re: [CT-Collective] CT-PrOjEcT "BLUEZETTE" (invitation)

Please put my name down for the bluesette project.
That ought to be fun.


On Tue, 4 Jul 2000 nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:

> to keep the ball rolling......the CT-PROJECT is finishing up several 
> at this point: "philter phrensy" ,"miniatures" , and 
> celebrate july 4th i thought it would be fun to kick off a new 
> CT-PROJECT.......an all blues cd.......what greater loop can ya ask 
> for.......here is how we see it happining:
>  10. 20 contributors each doing a 3.5 min. blues tune (anyway you want 
>to do 
> it)
>  9. everyone would send us their tune on a CD or CASSETTE .......sorry, 
> cyber exchanges i.e mp3 or any of that voodoo
>  8. we will take what you send  and make a master on a philips dual well 
> machine...........this is all we got so we can not adjust volume, eq. 
> etc...... what you send us will be recorded as is........
>  7 tim nelson of CT-PROJECT ( a 4 cd set mind you) CT-FOUND and 
> is doing the art
>  6.michael klobuchar will do the duping, assembling and 
> contributor will get 1 copy only..........so we see a 25 cd first run
>  5. as with all CT-PROJECT CDS, matt davignon of "ribosome music" will 
> distribute the cd to the rest of the universe
>  4. mp3s of CT-PROJECT "BLUZETTE" will be available on none other than 
> morgan hamilton lang's " loopXchange " www.loopxchange.com
>  3. this is the only notice of this project on LD that you will see
>  2. the party will continue at Subscribe:  
>  (all future discussion of this project will take place there)
>  1. so here we go...........please send us,off list, your name and after 
> getting 20 names the doors will close for this gig..........ill let you 
> the minute this happens
> the CT-Project has a main mailing list at..... Subscribe:  
> CT-Collective-subscribe@egroups.com        at this time we have about 40 
> members (all from LD) so please come and join us.......it is about the 
> after all.......thanks for your time and interest.........michael  
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