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Loopers Tools for sale

Title: Loopers Tools for sale
though I am new to this list, I have noticed that there are occasionally posts about gear for sale.  I have some equipment I am selling for the studio I work for which might be of direct interest to you loopy people. Please pardon me if a post like this is not proper in this context.  Please contact me directly if interested in any of the gear listed below.


Vance Galloway
Chief Engineer/Systems Designer
Sound Traffic Control - Audio Immersion Environments


Oberheim Echoplex Digital Delay/looper effects box.  Completely loaded with memory for THREE MINUTES and EIGHTEEN Seconds of delay/loop time. This unit is also capable of doing multiple loops at the same time!  An amazing box.  Excellent condition.  $600 or best offer.

Also:  Footpedal controller for Echoplex Digital Delay:  Allows quick and easy start/stop of multiple loops and other various control.  Excellent condition.  

Contact Vanceg@earthlink.net
Eventide DSP 4000 Effects Processor - Loaded

For sale: Eventide DSP 4000 effects processor.  Totally loaded with an 80 second sample card and all of the presets including the GTR, Alchemy 101 and Broadcast cards. Digital and analog In/out..  Near perfect condition.  Never left studio.  

An AMAZINGLY flexible and powerful processor.  For more info, see: http://www.eventide.com/profaud/harm.htm

Asking $3400 or best offer