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Re: waterphones and other cool instruments

Actually, it IS a zither, at least in the Boston production.  The band is a
3-piece- Stick, zither, and drums.  If I remember the notes in the program
right, it's actually some sort of home-grown thing one of the guys came up
with.  I wonder how they audition people on it?


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> I read about this group on the Stickwire mailing list.  I believe the
> in question is actually a Chapman Stick.  I have at least one buddy who
> one just for the ability to play something on it with one hand while
> knobs with the other.
> Paolo
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> Subject: waterphones and other cool instruments
> > Speaking of interesting instruments - has anyone heard or seen the Blue
> > Man Group do their thing - I saw them in NYC recently and they had a
> > 3-piece with a zither playing getting some great sounds and quite
> > possibly using looping also. It looked like it was split into chordal
> > and lead zones. It was dark and the band was hard to see, but it
> > appeared that the zither player was setting up chordal-type sustaining
> > sounds on one zone of the instrument and playing lead-type stuff on a
> > different zone.