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Re: CT-PrOjEcT "BLUEZETTE" (invite still open)

I can send a cd, if you aren't too strict on defining blues.  Tell me
how you distribute or sell this music?
--- Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:
> there are still several slots open for our blues cd project.....we
> have what 
> looks to be an interesting group of folk so far.....stop thinking
> about it, 
> commit and go down in history.....put your music where your mouth is
> or 
> something like that!.....im sure that all of us, from guitar players
> to 
> d.j.s, have a spin on the blues.....please keep in mind that not
> everyone has 
> access to the mp3 thing therefore this is a great way to get your
> music 
> heard.....just drop us a line     nemoguitt@aol.com     and we will
> fix you 
> up....thanks........michael

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