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Re: Please Help ME SU700 Scsi Problems

Hi man!

1st of all, I believe it's a must to tell you I personally own a SU700
and I'm selling it because:

        a) no SCSI transfer between PC and SU700
        b) no Standard MIDI sample dump between SU700 and any device w/ 
sample dump capabilities
        c) no sample trasposition on external MIDI note receive
        d) no song change w/ sequencer in playback mode (you have to stop 
        e) extrematelly SSLLOOWW read/write operations in floppy/SCSI HDD
        f) no soft SO upgrades (you've got to get and change the EPROM)
        g) glitches when changing scenes
        e) no importing/exporting MIDI files featured
        f) multiple hangs and consequent loss of work when the unit works 
SLAVE mode
        g) (...surely something more will come to my mind as soon as I send
this Email )

2nd, let's go to the question:

You can try  connecting the ZIP drive ONLY to the SU700. I've used a
SCSI external HDD w/ no problems, and know people who had attached
external SCSI ZIP drives, too.

think about this setup:
        PC<-->EXTERNAL ZIP DRIVE<-->SU700

If PC is ON, the SU can't use/see the ZIP drive
If PC is OFF, the SU can use/see the ZIP drive

Maybe the two SCSI controllers are kicking each other's one ass!

hmmm if the ZIP drive is internal you may not be able to connect it to
the SU, as I've never seen a SCSI cable which fits at one end with  the
SU and at the other with a standard internal SCSI device..

If you had two ZIP drives, you could extract and throw-away the floppy
drive and mount in it's hole the ZIP one!

hope this helps.......


> AVGS Holding Ltd wrote:
> Hi There
> I have had my su700 for about 2 months and until just recently i loved
> it to bits..... but then i went and bought the AISB1 SCSI option, a
> AVA-2904 SCSI card for my PC and a Iomega 250 ZIP(SCSI)
> Problem is:
> i have the Iomega 250 ZIP drive working with my PC as in i can saved
> samples to it.
> I have connected the AISB1 SCSI Board to the SU700, which it
> recognises "SCSI BOARD FOUND" and all that.
> But i when i go to import the samples from ZIP to the SU700 it
> dosent recognize any other drive than the FDD (Floppy Deadslow Drive).
> As soon as the SU700 is started up the zip drive seems to churn over
> as if its reading/writing/snoring/moaning or something.
> I think ive got the SCSI ID's right  AVA2094ID#7(forced)  Su700ID#6
> ZipID#5.
> Please please help me its but a very expensive little escapade this
> and im not very impressed that ive got nothing from it.
> Many Many thanks to anyone who can help.
> Peter Alexander