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R: sp808, VP9000, and system design

Title: sp808, VP9000, and system design
if I had to loop, and using a regular sampler at 1/2 the price for a lot more toy. It's not designed for live playing; no tap tempo, sampling and encoding take time and the UI isn't laid out for quick buttoning. The box is a overpriced dog.
This sentence makes me hungry, I am looking for a sampler to use in this way.
I am a guitarist so my intention is to work mainly on guitar loops.
After having update my knowledge in samplers I have found that maybe a Yamaha A-4000 could be the best for me: it has a pc editor (free), it has a basic sequencer inside and seems to be looper-friendly.
Did you ever meet it ?
I am curious to know your opinion because it seems you are using samplers in the same way I would.
Thanks, Luca.