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Re: Jamman bugs/fixes - problems/repairs ?

At 9:22 PM -0700 7/12/00, XJ32@aol.com wrote:
>My problem is this, we have three Jammen (two with 30 sec upgrades) and 
>all 3
>have developed big problems and or just about died.
>Jamman #1 - This unit has "lost" the delay mode.  Every dial setting is 
>always in loop mode.  That is all it will do. How can this be?
>Jamman #2 - This unit turns all effected sound into static.  When 
>sound passes in and out clean as a whistle.  When not bypassed, all loops 
>delays come out as garbled static.
>Jamman #3 - Turning the input dial creates loud glitches into the loop. 
>one is probably just needing a new input "pot.")
>Has anyone experienced similar problems?  Are there any known Jamman bugs 
>Do I have to send them back to Lexicon? Will they fix them?

I'm not a jamman owner, but those all sound like hardware problems to me.
You should contact Lexicon, I'm quite sure they have a service department
that can help you out.

(The third one might just be a dirty pot, fixable with the potentiometer
cleaner stuff you can get at an electronics shop.)

>Can Bob Sellon fix them? I E-mailed him quite a while ago and got no 

He doesn't work at lexicon anymore, I suspect he's not very keen to do
hardware repairs like that.

good luck,


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